July 15, 2024


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Tourism: The CRTs applaud the regional branding of the ONMT

Tourism: The CRTs applaud the regional branding of the ONMT

The efforts of the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) to unite all the actors of the Moroccan tourism industry in the revival project are bearing fruit.

Professionals, nourished by ambitions and confidence, fully adhere to the concerted approach initiated by the Office for the creation of successful regional branding. This is also what several presidents of the Regional Tourism Council (CRT) testify on the sidelines of the “Tourim Marketing Days Pro” held last April and the meeting at the beginning of the month of the “Tourism Marketing Days region”. The opinions collected all confirm the relevance of the collaborative dynamic initiated. Speaking in this direction, Hassan Bargach, president of the CRT Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, welcomes the dynamics of the ONMT and its innovative character. “The Office is creating something new.

A state of mind is being created not only within the Office but above all in collaboration with professionals ”, he indicates. He added that “today, real tools will be made available to us for the promotion of the destination and to be able to conquer the international market”. For his part Rachid Dahmaz, president of the CRT Souss-Massa, assures us that the ONMT has ushered in a new era as well as a new way of working and consulting with tourism professionals. “The ONMT is an expert in national matters, the regions are experts in their region. Each region needs a branding that corresponds to it, ”he says.

The president of CRT Marrakech-Safi, Hamid Bentahar, for his part, underlines the maturity and exemplary nature of public-private partnership in the sector. “There is a lot of listening, sharing and a cohesion which, I am sure, will create value for the challenges to come”, he indicates. And to continue: “Morocco’s strength lies in the diversity of its territories. We must respect this diversity through appropriate marketing for each region ”.

It should be noted that the Office held several consultation meetings with the various players in the sector. This body has, moreover, proceeded to strengthen its proximity to professionals, particularly in this time of crisis which has had a heavy impact on tourism activity both nationally and internationally. The commitment is to come out with an integrated roadmap that will meet the needs of consumers and the expectations of customers of the destination Morocco, whether national or international. Studies have been carried out to understand the major changes in the sector, particularly in terms of perception. The elements identified fed into the recovery mechanism and contributed to the development of a common and shared strategy. The guidelines defined, in this sense, tend to strengthen the attractiveness of the Morocco destination and put more emphasis on the charm of the cultural experience that it gives to its visitors. The tourist ecosystem declares itself ready for recovery.

All means are being deployed to achieve this revival, and this the day after the lifting of travel restrictions both nationally and internationally. Both confident and optimistic, the ONMT, in consultation with all the players, is preparing to implement two promotional campaigns. The first is in preparation for the summer season. It is intended for domestic tourism and promotes the “ntla9aw fbladna” brand. The second campaign is international in scope. It has in fact redefined the “Visit Morocco” brand and targeted new segments of tourists.