July 13, 2024


Built General Tough

TikTok: Discover the inside of Generation Z’s most popular platform

E-Influence presents its brand new virtual conference event, 100% focused on the platform of the day: TikTok.

The objective of the event Generation TikTok is to help entrepreneurs and content creators to better understand the application and the marketing techniques that result from it. “More and more customers and subscribers asked us questions about the platform and we wanted to redo an event despite the current situation, so we decided to create: Generation TikTok online version, ”said Alexandra Picard-Dubé, president at E-Influence.

Participants will be able to participate in 2 conferences and a panel with some of the most popular designers in Quebec. Future creators or companies will be able to ask their questions to the panelist creators: Claudie Mercier, Yan Gaudette, Emy The moon and Aly Armband. The agency Henry Talent will present a conference on marketing TikTok : its evolution, its impact and its opportunities, while Leuven house showcase case studies from previous campaigns and teach consumers how to ride the wave. The afternoon will end with a performance of Meghan oak as well as a period of group networking.

To purchase a ticket for the conference which will take place on May 28 at 3 p.m., meet here.