June 18, 2024


Built General Tough

more than 300 teachers trained in domestic tourism – CONGO POLITIS

The “Champagnet” room of the Bobokoli Institute served as a setting for this capacity building workshop which is part of the “My country, My heritage” project. “

The purpose of this training session was to make popular tourism education effective in the DRC, hence the choice of teachers who constitute the basic actors of national education.

We understood that the need is huge because the project aims to build capacity on tourism. We are not only targeting the teachers but the whole Republic since our long term objective is popular tourist education. That the Congolese are able to respect the environment, heritage, etc. But we focus first on teachers because they are basic education personnel in the DRC. “Said Marie-Ange Lundu, coordinator of the” Tokende Africa “structure.

For her part, the sub Proved of Ngaliema 3 who gave the go to this workshop, said she was satisfied with this initiative and encouraged white chalk professionals to in turn make their learners aware of the material learned.

It is a total satisfaction because if you see the number of teachers who participated it is impressive. We encourage the participants to relay the material seen to the students and we hope that the Tokende Africa structure will in turn continue to support the teachers in their work ”. She indicated.

It should be noted that at the end of this workshop, the teachers who benefited from a participation certificate expressed the wish to see the tourist subject included in the national program.

This is how the coordinator of “Tokende Africa” ​​promised to make a plea that will be submitted to both national and provincial authorities so that all institutions are able to understand that the need is crying. “We therefore hope that the tourist subject will find its place in national education. ”