CRITICAL – The Mucem confronts its collections of popular, humble and ingenious arts, and some twenty works by Jeff Koons, stars of the market. The Old World and the New World happily respond to each other in a dapper scenography reminiscent of circus games. A revelation, even for those who […]

They link twists, forward and backward rotations. Then rise to the surface undulating, iridescent fin gracefully accompanying their movements. For some time now, the swimming pools have been populated by half-human, half-aquatic creatures, endowed with shimmering tails: aspiring mermaids. They indulge in freediving, monofin and role-playing, in order to shape […]

Like recreational vehicles, pleasure boats are selling like hot cakes in Quebec this year. According to Nautisme Québec, sales of this type of boat jumped 15 to 20% in 2021. • Read also: The ever-growing interest in camping • Read also: Recreational vehicles are on the rise • Read also: […]