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Switzerland – And the most popular first names in 2020 are …


The Federal Statistical Office on Tuesday unveiled the first names that parents most often gave to their newborns last year. Noah and Mia take the top prize.

The first names Noah and Mia are favored by parents to name their babies.

The first names Noah and Mia are favored by parents to name their babies.


Like every year, the Federal Statistical Office presents the list of the most popular first names in Switzerland for newborns. For 2020, it is Noah for the boys and Mia for the girls who come first, reveals the OFS.

Noah dethroned Liam, first in 2019, with 507 attributions against 372. Matteo came 3rd (359).

  1. Noah (507)

  2. Liam (372)

  3. Matteo (359)

  4. Leon (332)

  5. Luca (332)

  6. Elias (315)

  7. Gabriel (310)

  8. Ben (267)

  9. Louis (256)

  10. Aaron (251)

On the girls’ side, Mia, retains the first place with 461 new young ladies who bear this first name, ahead of Emma (407), and Mila (350). Note that first names ending in “a” are popular in Switzerland if we judge by the top 10 listed by the OFS:

  1. Mia (467)

  2. Emma (407)

  3. Mila (350)

  4. Emilia (318)

  5. Lina (312)

  6. Sofia (312)

  7. Elena (266)

  8. Lea (266)

  9. Alina (256)

  10. Laura (248)

Note that the most popular first names in 2020 differ according to language regions. If Noah, Leo and Matteo were the most common in German-speaking Switzerland to baptize little boys, the Ticinese preferred Leonardo, Alessandro and Enea. As for the Romands, the parents chose the following classification:

  1. Gabriel

  2. Liam

  3. Noah

  4. Arthur

  5. Nathan

  6. Lucas

  7. Louis

  8. Leo

  9. Ethan

  10. Adam

As for the girls, Emma retains the lead for the 5th consecutive year. Here is the prize list:

  1. Emma

  2. Mia

  3. Mila

  4. Alice

  5. Eva

  6. Chloe

  7. Zoe

  8. Olivia

  9. Victoria

  10. Sofia

But in Switzerland, all ages and all regions combined, it is the Daniel, Thomas and Peter who remain the most common, according to the OFS.

On the girls side, the new little ladies do not dethrone the Maria, Anna and Sandra, the most common female names in our country, according to the OFS.