May 27, 2024


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Koh-Lanta, 20 years old, always more popular

Twenty-seven editions in 20 years, Koh-Lanta’s recurrence says a lot about its success. Since August 4, 2001 and the first broadcast of the reality TV show, nearly 377 amateur adventurers have taken part in the game and have surveyed the various islands, as paradisiacal as they are hostile, to survive hunger, fatigue and above all others. because the goal is to avoid elimination by its competitors. For the winner, there is € 100,000 up for grabs and in recent years, the assurance of becoming a real star of TV and social networks.

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Because yes, over the years, it has become a little difficult for the French to miss the flagship program of TF1. Koh-Lanta has become a popular topic of conversation with friends or at the coffee machine, just like the last soccer game or the last fashionable outing. “ Sometimes we do Koh-Lanta parties with friends, testifies Alice, a fan of the program. In addition to making us travel, we take pleasure in following the candidates we prefer and see how far they can go, as in a good series. “

Playing on nostalgia

With “The Legend”, the 27th season of Koh-Lanta, Adventure Line Production wanted to celebrate the 20 years of the program with the return of its most emblematic participants. Winning bet for Elsa, a fan of the show! The names present this year immediately dangled a mythical season: ” It often happens that former candidates come back but here they are the best of the best! In addition, I feel like I know them and I grew up with some like Claude.

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At 41, Claude Dartois is the big favorite this season and is playing for the fourth time, after three defeats in the final in 2010, 2012 and 2020. “ I’m 24 so I was a kid when he participated the first time, a teenager the second and an adult the third. Elsa adds, nostalgic. For her, there is no question of missing a single episode.

It’s like a sports competition

All editions combined, each episode was watched on average by 6.5 million viewers. From the start of each new season, they are encouraged to position themselves for their team and then their favorite candidate. We discover the participants in their daily life on the island then they confront each other physically during the tests and psychologically when they put in place strategies to eliminate themselves.

In fact, identification is very easy because all ages, origins and social classes are represented. “ I am Koh-Lanta as I would follow Ligue 1 football », Assures Antoine. This 28-year-old executive is unwavering. “ Every year, we all have our favorite from the first episodes, because he comes from us, because he looks like us or because he commands admiration by his physical qualities, that’s what drives people to watch. “

And as with all sports competitions, each “match” provokes many reactions and debates, especially on social networks. Comments, analyzes, rants and predictions of the next episodes, Facebook and Twitter are in the colors of Koh-Lanta every Friday evening. This year, some are coming back for the third, fourth, or even fifth time, enough to ensure, once again, strong positions among the fans.