December 6, 2023


Built General Tough

“We will maintain the aid measures as much as necessary”

We will maintain the devices as necessary“declared Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State in charge of Tourism on the set of the show the 4 truths about France 2 this Friday, January 8, 2021 about measures to help tourism players.

Asked about the fragility of this sector hit hard by the crisis linked to covid-19, the Secretary of State said: “with Bruno Le Maire (Minister of the Economy editor’s note) we have put the package together. I can tell you that 16 billion euros have already been disbursed.

He assured that the aid measures for the sector will be maintained: “it’s a bit like the small wheels of the bicycle we are not going to remove them until we have found the balance” he illustrates.

About future bankruptcies, he specifies: “In 2020 they were not higher than in previous years because there is this aid. This is why it is important to continue them: I am thinking of the partial activity, the solidarity fund …

We are even going to think about adjusting certain modalities to take into account a greater number of situations, especially those of small family groups. We will adjust these ceilings upwards “.