May 21, 2024


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Tourism: A uniform discount for all Moroccans, MRE or not, is being considered (professional source)

In the beginning, there were the royal instructions announced on Sunday June 13 and relating to the special conditions that must be granted to MREs, in matters of air and sea transport.

In the afternoon of Sunday, Royal Air Maroc announced an exceptional offer in their favor. The Ministry of Transport and the Merchant Navy has followed suit in maritime transport; then ONCF in railway matters.

Monday, June 14, tourism professionals met to finalize a strategy towards MRE, in the same line. Contacted by Médias24 the next day, Tuesday, June 15, Abdellatif Kabbaj, president of the CNT, mentioned exceptional discounts so that the beneficiary would pay only 20% to 25% of the face price. He recalled in passing that hotels were already offering a 50% discount on the nominal rate.

Was Mr. Kabbaj carried away by his enthusiasm? has he made a slip, a miscalculation?

Still, the MRM (Moroccans of Morocco) were very numerous on social networks, to expose their astonishment, even their grudge, at being excluded from these exceptional measures.

This Wednesday, June 16, contacted by us, he refused to “speak on behalf of the hoteliers”. On the other hand, he insisted on rectifying the rate of the discount: 50% discount on the basis of hotel rates, for all customers; 50% therefore remains.

On this remainder, a discount of 30% is applied. In total, the discount is therefore 65% for MRE; and 50% for other Moroccans.

Residence permit or dual nationality required at check-in

Asked by Médias24 to find out how MRE could benefit from the discounts announced by the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT), several hoteliers told us that when registering their identity at the hotel, they will have to present a debit card. stay issued by another country or a foreign passport with Moroccan filiation (place of birth, family name, etc.).

For his part, Khalid Benazzouz, who chairs the Federation of Morocco Tour Operators, told us that for the moment, the travel agencies that offer hotel stays to their customers had still not been informed of the procedure to follow to find out who will be able to benefit from the famous hotel discounts.

“To take advantage of the reductions promised by the CNT, reservations cannot be made online. According to my feedback, they must go directly with the hotelier to whom it is necessary to prove that his place of residence is abroad, with a residence permit or a document attesting to dual nationality.

“Bounce back from the significant flow of internal reservations before royal instructions” “That said, in view of the critical situation of hoteliers which has lasted too long, it would be more than logical to extend this operation to all Moroccans

who will want to travel this summer taking advantage of the announced relief of restrictive traffic measures.

“In fact, knowing that there have already been many internal hotel reservations made before the royal instructions, professionals will surely offer promotions to encourage internal tourism”, predicts Benazzouz who is delighted in advance of an overbooking for the summer season 2021.

New rates under study to boost internal tourism Called to respond tothe anger of nationals who consider it unfair to be excluded from the rates reserved for MRE, the president of a large hotel group affiliated to the national federation of the hotel industry (FNIH ), was initially embarrassed before announcing

the ongoing study of new promotions on stays

“We were taken aback by the success of the operation, both air and hotel and after the meeting of June 14 with the CNT which announced a new pricing policy, the hoteliers are going to implement new rates to boost the domestic tourism during the summer.

“The opportunity to do justice to the nationals who have allowed hoteliers to survive”

“Indeed, after 15 months of crisis and a more than catastrophic summer of 2020, it would really not be in our interest to neglect internal tourism which has nevertheless enabled many hoteliers to survive who were impatiently awaiting the reopening of borders and the return of foreign visitors.

“This is therefore an opportunity to do him justice and to retain him for the post-crisis years that lie ahead.

“For this, the profession will soon announce new significant reductions on stays in all classified hotels in Morocco,” concludes our source, which promises good surprises to nationals.

While waiting for the gradual return of foreigners who will put Morocco back on the world map of tourist destinations, the millions of MRE who will return by air or sea and the strong desire to travel from nationals augur an unprecedented summer hotel attendance since summer 2019 …

Médias24 maintains, with supporting evidence, the content of its article with the statements of Mr. Kabbaj.