April 18, 2024


Built General Tough

the Voyage to Nantes is preparing, two monumental works are under construction

While the festivals are canceled, and cultural events forced to adapt to the health context, the Voyage à Nantes is staying the course. The preparations are about to be completed. We can officially take the start of the green line on Saturday 8 August.

There is the permanent journey which already has 58 works, and which we can see all year round by following the green line … and then there are each summer, destinations, artistic stops, which are added to the existing course.

From this Saturday August 8, the curious, the followers, the passers-by, the tourists, will be able to discover about twenty new stages. Two of them, by their scale and the challenge they represent, are already shaping up to be the essentials of the 2020 season.

Walk in the void

You may have already seen these images of the Grand Canyon and its skywalk, in the United States? This impressive belvedere which gives the visitor the impression of walking in the void … well, all things considered, it is a bit like what awaits you at Chateau-Thébaud with the Porte-Vue by Emmanuel Ritz. more than 40 meters above the ground, which stretches above the Maine.
Breathtaking view of the vineyards and the Pont-Cafino leisure center. And the possibility of advancing 20 meters above the void.

This structure weighs 23 tons. Its crane began on Tuesday morning.

It will be visible in about ten days but do not expect to get on it before October 2. The advantage is that this belvedere is intended to be a permanent part of the landscape.

The establishment of the structure "Door view" started this morning in the Nantes vineyards

The implementation of the “Porte-Vue” structure began this morning in the Nantes vineyards

© Luc Prisset

The Water Curtain

The other major work of this new VAN is the Curtain, visible from Saturday August 8th.

A ton of water will cascade in front of the facade of the Théâtre Graslin.

The immense fall will cover the facade of the monument, before being received in a basin built especially as if to extend the stone monument. It will even be possible to rush behind the curtain … but not to cross it.

For now, the settings are in progress, before the official curtain raiser on Saturday.


© Chloé Giraud-France3 Nantes

Interview with Jean Blaise, director of Voyage à Nantes, about these 2 monumental works

Unlike the Porte-vue, the Curtain will not become a permanent work of the Voyage à Nantes. It will be visible until September 27.

Other novelties, to add to your stopover list

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  • Exhibition Automatic Revolution, Feipel & Bechameil, Hab Galerie, Quai des Antilles
  • Island Psellion, Evor, Prairie au Duc In a silent way, Nathalie Talec, HALLE 6
  • The Domestic Temptation, Vincent Olinet, Hôtel de France
  • Not yet my story by Vincent Olinet, Canal Saint Félix

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