July 15, 2024


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The Cultural and Tourist Village of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups, a popular destination

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A community activity at the Cultural and Tourist Village of the Vietnamese ethnic groups in the peri-urban countryside of Hanoi.

Photo: Thuy Huong / CVN

Coming from a Khmer family from the province of Soc Trang (South), Lâm Thi Huong is among the craftsmen linked for a long time to the cultural and tourist village of the ethnic groups of Vietnam.

Every morning his family performs a performance of the dance theater robam Khmer people. In the evening, she prepares the various ingredients to make com (grains of young glutinous rice), banh tet (sticky rice cake from Tet to the South) and banh xèo (a stuffed pancake) and sell them to tourists.

According to Lâm Thi Huong, if the number of visitors is modest, the performance takes place in a traditional Khmer house. And conversely, when there are people, this classical dance takes place in the large courtyard of the village so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. These shows aim to preserve this traditional Khmer art form, but also to promote community tourism to attract Vietnamese and foreign tourists.

To facilitate access to the Vietnamese Ethnic Cultural and Tourist Village, the Hanoi Municipal Transport and Communications Service has launched the No. 107 bus link connecting the village and the city center.

Located 40 km in the center of Hanoi, this place has become one of the essential destinations in the circuits of travel agencies. And, for schoolchildren and students, it is an ideal picnic spot.

In the village, visitors have the opportunity to discover the unique cultural characteristics of the community of 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam such as the system of communal houses, houses on stilts; mores and customs and religious ceremonies; the typical costumes of each ethnic group. In a large outdoor space, they can also admire the natural landscape, while participating in sports and community activities.

According to Nguyên Thanh Son, director of the village board of directors, 64% of visitors come from tours operated by travel agencies. The village also aims to attract pupils and students.

An artistic performance at the Vietnamese Ethnic Cultural and Tourist Village, in Hanoi.

Photo: VNA / CVN

Flexible short-stay programs or combined with community tourism and home-stay in the village are well appreciated by tour operators because they offer many options to suit different client groups. And, with a reasonable price, it is possible to organize team building activities (collective activities) with a large number of clients, said Doan Tuân, head of the domestic tourism section of the joint-stock tourism services company of Hanoi Toserco.

“Travel to explore the culture of the regions” from Vietnam

I visited the South Floating Market and the North West Ethnic Minority Market and participated in the Ethnic Minority Festival at Vietnam Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village. All the activities are very impressive. One day here is like taking a long trip to explore the culture of these remote areas “said Nguyên Thi Thu Loan, a visitor from Hanoi.

Recently, the Vietnamese Ethnic Cultural and Tourist Village has invested in the construction of a cultural space, landscaping and the organization of activities to attract tourists and tour operators, commented Nguyên Quy Phuong, chef. of the travel department (under the Vietnam National Tourism Administration). However, in addition to the main flow of tourists via travel agencies, the village must improve its quality of service and convince other potential customers such as pupils and students by promoting and organizing events.

Nguyên Tùng / CVN