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ONMT takes stock of tourism revival projects in Morocco

The board of directors of the Moroccan National Tourist Office met this Tuesday, December 8 in a videoconference, in order to take stock of the activities of the current year and to validate the avenues of revival of national tourism for the year 2021.


After the announcement of the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign, the ONMT changes paradigm, adopting an aggressive reconquest strategy to quickly recover the country’s positions, underlines a press release.

The strategy consists, first of all in support for theeasing of conditions of access to the country, a reconstruction of air headquarters capacity, a securing partnerships with TOs and an activation of the promotion at the end customer level.

On the basis of the various studies carried out on the various markets by the ONMT in terms of segmentation, customer knowledge and competitive analysis, the Office intends to establish itself through 3 brands distinct:

– A brand for domestic tourism which will target nationals and Moroccans living abroad,

– One for international tourism for world travelers,

– An ONMT corporate brand targeting tour operators, airlines, professionals and the media.

The ONMT is therefore starting a major transformation in the way he communicates. The establishment of its brands being a prerequisite for the launch of two major campaigns, one at the international level and another at the national level.

The ultimate goal is for Morocco to identify new travel habits for tourists and recover its market share very quickly.

The various axes of this relaunch strategy presented by the CEO of the ONMT, during this council, for the year 2021, were approved by all the directors.

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