June 18, 2024


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the most popular queries in France in 2020

If we put the pandemic and the American elections aside, in the realm of news, the publication by activist Piotr Pavlenski of a sextape by Benjamin Griveaux seems to have attracted a lot of curious people. He is also the most sought-after personality in France this year, ahead of Joe Biden and Jean Castex who took over as Prime Minister at the beginning of July.

Google has observed a large number of queries related to confinement, in particular with regard to the system put in place for “My class at home” students. It would also seem that the recipes have been very popular, especially for the manufacture of “homemade bread”, “homemade frangipane pancake”, “homemade pizza” and … “homemade hydroalcoholic gel”.

Without being able to get to the hairdresser, the pandemic has also prompted the French to look for a hair clipper. In the spring, faced with the shortage of government stocks, they also tried to figure out how to make a mask.

In terms of culture, the series Here it all begins, broadcast by TF1, is at the top of the requests for TV programs while the film Tenet ahead 1917. The lyrics of the song Organized band by Jul were the most sought after and R & B singer Wejdene tops her category, ahead of Sadel and Camelia Jordana.