July 15, 2024


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“Ntla9awfbladna”: An unprecedented promotional campaign signed ONMT

It aims to make Morocco the preferred destination for nationals

Launched on May 3 on social networks and national television channels, the ONMT promotional campaign aims to make Morocco the preferred destination for Moroccans. Its variation across the various national regions should encourage exploration and discovery of the country’s riches. The campaign will last three months and will also use other media outlets to reach all audiences.
The details.

The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT) is launching an unprecedented promotion campaign for national tourism called “Ntla9awfbladna”. The objective is twofold. Indeed, it will be a question of strengthening the feeling of belonging of each Moroccan and making him want to explore more all the wealth of his country. Clearly, it will be about making Morocco the favorite destination of Moroccans. The Office intends to deploy all marketing and communication strategies to meet the challenge. “Beyond building the brand and its strategic framework, we have carefully studied the expectations of our fellow citizens, to understand their needs and what motivates them. Our ambition with “Ntla9awfbladna” is to address our compatriots by inspiring them to discover all the riches that our country offers and by reminding them that our country has all the assets to meet their needs in terms of tourism ”. It is in these terms that Adel El Fakir, CEO of ONMT, will summarize the contextual situation. It must be said that the launch of the new campaign to promote internal tourism is part of the continuity of the new global strategy to promote the destination Morocco. Intended for all audiences, it coincides with the revival of tourist activity in the country. Professionals hope, through this promotional campaign, to ensure a performance during the next summer season to rebalance the accounts impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The boss of the ONMT will not fail to insist on this aspect: “We are convinced of the enormous potential that internal tourism represents for the sector in Morocco. If today it supplies nearly a third of tourists, we believe that in the long term: 1 in 2 tourists could be a domestic traveler. Today and more than ever, Moroccans want to travel and the sector needs to be stimulated ”.

According to the latest study carried out by the tourism body, “nearly 60% of Moroccans wish to travel in summer, if sanitary conditions permit”. And starting from the fact that “95% of Moroccans decide on their travel destination at most 1 month before departure”, the coming weeks will be decisive in the choice of destinations. The health security measures put in place by the authorities are also taken into account.
The same study also revealed that “domestic tourism is the main source of tourists in Morocco. In fact, in 2019, domestic tourists generated 7.8 million overnight stays, or 31% of all overnight stays in classified establishments.

With an average annual growth of 7.7%, it is also a segment with very high potential, which has almost doubled in the last ten years ”. The global communication campaign Marque Maroc “Ntla9awfbladna” finally arrives at the right time to reposition the Moroccan tourist offer by encouraging citizens to travel in their country. In the coming weeks, its application to the various destinations of the Kingdom will strengthen the communication system. The designers of the “Ntla9awfbladna” brand retained in the briefing the values ​​of otherness, sharing, sustainability, and inclusion. Launched on May 3 on social networks and Moroccan television channels, this campaign will be maintained, as a second step, by a communication device on the online and print press, radio and urban advertising, over a period of three month. And tourism operators remain confident, given the progress of the vaccination campaign which will help revive the sector while respecting the health aspect.
The countdown has begun.