May 26, 2024


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INTERVIEW. Holidays at the end of summer: “There is a particular attraction for refuge destinations”

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Where do tourists who take their vacation after August 15 or September go? What impact of the pandemic and the health pass? Guillaume Rostand, spokesperson for flight comparator Liligo, enlightens us.

Is there a trend that emerges for travelers leaving at the end of summer?
This year again, many travelers turned to domestic tourism or to European destinations close to France. At the end of summer, it has been observed that people who tend to book last minute have not done so. We are on a wait-and-see basis with regard to late bookings for the end of August and for the month of September.

What are the popular destinations despite everything?
There is a particular attraction for “refuge” destinations (Spain, Portugal, Greece). These countries quite close to France are suitable for leaving at the end of summer since the trips are relatively short, allow you to enjoy the sun and the seaside. I think they will remain popular with the French in September. These destinations benefit from the inevitable disaffection of more distant destinations. On our site, the most popular cities are: Barcelona, ​​Porto and the entire Mediterranean basin. Corsica is also in the top of searches.

What are the preferred means of transport for your customers?
Air traffic has dropped significantly: flights like Paris-Porto or Paris-Barcelona, ​​which were full in 2018, for example, are currently empty. French travelers now favor the train and the car because they leave closer but also because it has become anxious to take the plane in these times of pandemic.

How are airlines organized to control travelers’ health passes?
The airlines are responsible for checking before you board that you are within the rules, but it is mainly the border police and customs who carry out these checks. In the Schengen area, we carry out a random health pass control most of the time. Abroad, the procedure is more regulated. But it is certain that these processes lengthen the waiting and boarding time, which makes the journey unpleasant but necessary.

How do you see the development of tourism in the coming months?
The tourism market is bound to pick up again because we will always know how to reinvent ourselves. The French who can afford it saved money during this period and the urge to travel is still present among the population. The events that we have just gone through will perhaps make some people think about the world of travel and make them aware of sustainable tourism: travel less, but better. In addition, state aid has enabled us to maintain our activity, so we are not at all in danger today. Now, when will the market take off again? And what about reservations for the Christmas holidays? Unfortunately, we cannot yet answer these questions.