May 27, 2024


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Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular series on Twitter!

The Grey’s Anatomy series is one of the most popular series on Twitter! We’ll give you more details.

The Grey’s Anatomy series is a most famous on Twitter! MCE TV gives you more details.

Grey’s Anatomy, still popular

The Grey’s Anatomy series has been around for fifteen years now! And even after 17 seasons, the famous medical series is enjoying of the same popularity as when it started.

It must be said that with its medical intrigues and its many romantic twists, the series Grey’s Anatomy has all the ingredients together to seduce the fans. Moreover the series seems far from over.

Indeed, after a season 17 marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, fans will be able to find Meredith Gray and her band for a new season. Eh yes ! The medical series will be back with a season 18. And as much to say that the fans are already very impatient to discover the new ones. unreleased episodes of their favorite show!

Besides, fans of the series talk about it a lot on social networks! Indeed, the series created by Shonda Rhimes seems to be one of the subjects Internet users’ favorites in the United States. Especially on Twitter.

Moreover, among the programs most talked about by Twitter users, the medical series is 2nd in the ranking. Also note that among the most popular series on the social network, there are a large number of Netflix productions.

And if the platforms do not seem ready to share the figures of their audiences, the social networks reveal everything to us! Discover the ranking of the series most talked about on Twitter! We tell you everything.

Grey's Anatomy is one of the most popular series on Twitter!
Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most popular series on Twitter!

The most famous series

Thus, social networks are very good indicators to know the popularity of a series.. On Twitter, Internet users talk a lot thea Grey’s Anatomy medical series.

Indeed, the end of last season seems to be one of the favorite subjects of Internet users. But know that Grey’s Anatomy is in 2nd place in the ranking. Behind The Bachelor show!

Indeed, it is the program which makes the Internet users react the most on Twitter. In 3rd place in the ranking, we find the Sex Education series. The Twittos are talking about it a lot, surely because the 3rd season of the series should be available at the start of the next school year, September 17.

Additionally, Netflix recently released some previously unseen footage from the upcoming season. What to do react the biggest fans of the series! Without too much surprise.

In 4th place, we then find the Riverdale series. It is followed by 911. Station 19, which is the spin-off of the series Grey’s Anatomy also seems to be very successful. The series is in 6th place.

It is also followed by The Voice program. This year’s US version counts Ariana Grande in her jury.

In the rest of the ranking, we find Chicago Fire. Succession follow-up. Finally, at the 10th place we find the This Is Us series.

Now you know which programs are getting the most attention on social media in the United States! But also the programs that risk ending in the Top Trend of streaming platforms.