June 21, 2024


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In Israel, tourism is gradually declining

While almost half of the population is now vaccinated in Israel, the country is deconfigured and details its plan for the resumption of tourism, which is based on the “green badge”.

In recent weeks, Israel has made no secret that the resumption of tourism was at the heart of its concerns. The recent announcements of “travel bubbles” that will be created with Greece or Cyprus bear witness to this. For now, domestic tourism is gradually reopening, relying on an exit plan based on the “green badge”. Thus, access to hotels, cultural and sporting events, gymnasiums, swimming pools is authorized only to holders of the green badge. People with the green badge, issued by the Ministry of Health, have been vaccinated (at least one week after the second dose received) or have recovered from the disease contracted previously.

The green badge, with its unique QR code, must be presented in digital or printed form, accompanied by an identity document, at the entrance of these establishments.

Next step on March 7

At the current stage of the crisis exit plan, hotels and rural accommodation are open on a room-only basis. No meals in the dining room, therefore, but room service is allowed. The hotels in the Judea-Dead Sea region of Ein Bokek and Hamei Zohar are again designated as “green islands”. Clearly, this means that these hotels have the authorization to fully reopen, with all the facilities and services required, to guests holding a green badge. Children under 16 (who are not affected by vaccination) can also access these facilities with a negative coronavirus test performed within 48 hours of arrival. Eilat-Red Sea hotels will only join the Green Island designation if the level of infection in the resort town drops to its lowest level over the next two weeks, the statement said.

Next stop for the destination: March 7. By this date, the vaccination campaign will have further progressed and hotels across the country will be able to offer full and indoor services, event rooms and conferences will be open to holders of a green badge. Cafes and small restaurants will be able to reopen, while respecting strict measures, adds the Tourist Office.

Israel’s airports and land crossings remain closed at least until March 6, 2021, the statement said. 2,000 Israeli nationals are allowed to enter the country every day, subject to receiving special permission from the government’s Exemption Committee.

Vaccine: very encouraging results

At present, Israel has vaccinated about 4.3 million people vaccinated in Israel out of 9.3 million inhabitants. And the results seem very encouraging, with a very clear drop in contamination and a drop in mortality of more than 50% according to an immunologist whose comments are reported by franceinfo. “At the peak of the epidemic, Israel had” between 9,000 and 10,000 cases per day, recalls the specialist. Today, we have fallen to an average of 2,000 to 3,000 cases ”. Scientists “came to the conclusion that the vaccine protects between 91 and 98% of mortality and serious conditions.”