June 21, 2024


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The new Tesla Model S shows itself with a classic steering wheel

After a presentation with great fanfare of a futuristic interior, the Tesla Model S is shown in a more classic light. The yoke drawn from aviation is giving way for the moment to a conventional steering wheel. The rest of the cabin, however, remains similar to the presentation version.

The presentation of the new Tesla Model S had caused some surprises in front of its steering wheel. Indeed, the Palo Alto firm had unveiled a yoke, similar to a passenger plane, instead of the classic flying one.

A long debate ensued over the legality of this Tesla Roadster-like steering wheel in different markets. Approved in Europe, it has yet to obtain the approval of the NHTSA, the competent authority in the United States.

It could be, however, that this yoke is only an option, and not a serial proposition. To ensure that its model S vintage 2021 is legal in all markets, Tesla has indeed decided to release it with a classic steering wheel.

A photo from the brand’s website had indeed shown the interior with a three-spoke steering wheel similar to those of the yoke. This is the one we find in the photo taken towards Toledo by a member of the Tesla Owners Club Michigan.

It is conceivable that the yoke will therefore be a simple option in the future on the large electric sedan. Elon Musk’s company said the most futuristic configuration was planned for the US market. The answer should certainly accompany the NHTSA verdict on its certification.