June 18, 2024


Built General Tough

how the luxury hotel industry and the Oberoi Marrakech are coping with the crisis

The Oberoi Marrakech, built on the 18 hectares of an old farm, fits perfectly into the lush local nature with in particular thousands of olive and orange trees.

The Arab Andalusian architecture is magnified by this green setting everywhere.

“We wanted a feeling of freedom and discovery of nature. We produce our own olive oil and the connection with nature is everywhere ”

84 accommodations are offered here: exceptional villas and suites, with 76 of them featuring private heated swimming pools. 3 restaurants and an exceptional spa, all facing the Atlas mountain range. 220 employees work here: “or 3 employees per key”

A strong choice was adopted from the outset by the Oberoi Marrakech, after the first wave on March 15 and closed for 7 months: stay open this winter at all costs.

On October 24, the hotel reopened and made the choice not to close again with the second wave of the coronavirus: “It’s not an easy period, we have few European customers, but we remain positive .

We have decided to stay open and we are also working with Moroccan customers. And we believe that this allows employees to stay motivated and keep the hotel alive. ”