May 21, 2024


Built General Tough

Hotel attendance: the free fall in January

Unsurprisingly, the current figures for hotel occupancy are not good compared to last year. To limit the “breakage”, there is Operation Titeti aia or travel coupons to stimulate domestic demand.

“In January 2021, hotel attendance in French Polynesia fell by 56% compared to January 2020. The number of rooms offered fell by 19% over one year, due to the temporary or permanent closures of 5 establishments since the start of the crisis Sales contracted in all the archipelagos and tourist markets, with the exception of the “residents” market, which grew by 24% to represent 43% of total sales. average occupancy coefficient (CMR) at 29%, down 24 points over one year. The average revenue per rented room (RMC) fell 6% and the average revenue per available room (RevPar) fell 49% on the same period; they stand at 41,000 CFP and 12,000 CFP respectively in January 2021. “

This week, in order to make up for the lack of foreign tourists, the Titeti aia operation or travel coupons was launched to stimulate domestic tourism. An interesting alternative, already tested in metropolitan France, pending the reopening of our borders.