April 16, 2024


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an “aggressive reconquest” strategy planned for 2021

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) has adopted a strategy of “aggressive reconquest” aimed at quickly recovering Morocco’s positions in the tourism sector, the Office said on Tuesday, which claims to move into “high gear” to achieve this goal.

This strategy for the year 2021, which comes after the announcement of the national vaccination campaign, provides support for the relaxation of conditions of access to the country, reconstruction of air headquarters capacity, securing partnerships with the TOs and an activation of the promotion at the end customer level, indicates a press release from the ONMT made public at the end of its Board of Directors.

In this regard, the Office will continue to “stimulate and consolidate” the efforts of regions and professionals, the statement added.

Based on the studies it has carried out on the various markets in terms of segmentation, customer knowledge and competitive analysis, the Office intends to establish itself through three distinct brands: a brand for domestic tourism intended for nationals and Moroccans living abroad, one for international tourism for world travelers and a corporate brand ONMT which targets tour operators, airlines, professionals and the media, details the press release.

It is about a “big transformation” in the manner of communicating of the Office, which considers the installation of these marks a “preliminary” to the launching of two large campaigns, one at the international level and the another at the national level, in order to allow Morocco to identify the new travel habits of tourists and recover its market share very quickly.

The press release notes that although the performance of the sector has deteriorated considerably due to the health situation and the closure of borders as of March 2020, the Office has stepped up actions to mitigate the effects of the crisis as much. as possible and to instill a gradual and lasting resumption of tourist activity in order to preserve jobs and the productive tool in the various regions of the Kingdom.

Held by videoconference under the chairmanship of the Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy, Nadia Fettah Alaoui, the Board of ONMT adopted the different axes of this recovery strategy presented by the DG of the Office.