June 21, 2024


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David Finest Sports Cars: Audi Terminal becomes an independent sports car company

It’s been two years since the Hamburg-based VW and Audi dealer Willy Tiedtke had to take the bitter step into bankruptcy. The majority of the operations subsequently went to the Wichert Group. The huge, ultra-modern Audi Terminal at the former main site on Friedrich-Ebert Damm in Hamburg-Wandsbek, on the other hand, was empty for a long time. Recently, however, cars have been sold there again – not just Audis, but sports cars and vintage cars of all brands. Because the new tenant – David Finest Sports Cars – is an independent sports car dealer.

The company is currently presenting around 40 vehicles from a wide variety of brands in the 2,000 square meter showroom. Upon request, the employees can also search for and mediate specific vehicles on behalf of customers. A particular focus is on vehicles from Porsche and Ferrari – Managing Director Benjamin David was a Porsche seller for five years before founding his own company in 2017.

Meeting place for sports car lovers

In addition to the luxury vehicles, the showroom also has its own café. According to David, this should become a meeting place for sports car enthusiasts: “Here sports car enthusiasts and everyone who wants to become one meet each other,” explains the managing director. In order to strengthen the bond with the company, the dealership also wants to offer its customers “workshop internships” in future, during which the car owners can get to know their vehicle better.

The headquarters of the Willy Tiedtke Group used to be located at the Friedrich-Ebert Damm in Hamburg-Wandsbek.

© Photo: Tom Wolf / David Finest Sports Cars

Maintenance, preparation and storage of customer vehicles

The workshop with six lifting platforms is located in the 900 square meter former parts warehouse of the former Audi plant. There, the dealership offers all maintenance, service and repair work, from regular checkups to ceramic seals and bodywork. Customers can also expressly return their everyday vehicles there. In addition, there is now a workplace for vehicle preparation in the former delivery hall. The total of 50 indoor parking spaces for the storage of customer vehicles are also new. “For me, this is part of an authentic customer relationship,” explains David, who explicitly wants to “set himself apart from large corporations” with his company. He invested around 500,000 euros in the renovation of the rented property.

A total of ten employees currently work in the company. Like David himself, many of them come from Porsche. Last year the company sold around 100 vehicles at its old location in Hamburg-Hamm. At the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2020 there were 85. According to David, around half of the vehicles go abroad. The most expensive car sold to date was a Mercedes 300 SL from the 1983 model year for 750,000 euros as a restoration basis. The currently most valuable vehicles are an Aston Martin DB6 and a Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6. (aw)