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Air Canada: 50 domestic destinations on the program

The airline company Air Canada presented its most extensive domestic program to date, serving 50 cities “across the country to facilitate the reunion of Canadians” during this period of decline of the Covid-19 pandemic. Signature and Economy Privilege class cabins will be offered on certain transcontinental lines

Wishing to support the economic recovery “as a national carrier” and stimulate the tourism and hotel sector, the Canadian company’s summer program includes three new features departing from its base at the airport in Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau : June 26 to Kelowna (3 flights per week on A220, August 4), to Deer Lake on July 1 (daily in CRJ900), and to Saskatoon and Regina on August 1 (daily in CRJ900).

The domestic flight schedule for Air Canada’s peak summer season, which begins at the end of June, was designed “with a view to fostering the country’s economic recovery and supporting businesses in the domestic tourism and hospitality sector during this period. important ”, explains a press release. By serving 50 Canadian airports, therefore, the re-establishment of certain regional links and the use of wide-body aircraft on certain transcontinental lines. The restored services are the following :

Stopover Bonding Coming into force Frequency
Gander Gander-Halifax June 29 3 flights per week
Gander-Toronto July 2nd 5 flights per week
St. John’s St. John’s-Toronto June 19 Everyday
Goose Bay Goose Bay-St. John’s June 29 3 flights per week
Deer lake Deer Lake-Halifax 1st of August 5 flights per week
Halifax Halifax-Calgary 1st of August 5 flights per week
Sydney Sydney-Toronto June 26 3 flights per week
Sydney-Montreal 1st of August Everyday
Charlottetown Charlottetown-Toronto June 18 4 flights per week
Saint John Saint John-Montreal June 30th 3 flights per week
Saint John-Toronto July 2nd 4 flights per week
Fredericton Fredericton-Montreal June 29 Everyday
Fredericton-Toronto 1st of July 5 flights per week
Bathurst Bathurst-Montreal June 27 3 flights per week
Quebec Quebec-Toronto June 19 Everyday
Ottawa Ottawa-Calgary July 2nd Everyday
Ottawa-Edmonton 1st of August 2 flights per week
North Bay North Bay-Toronto June 28 3 flights per week
Fort McMurray Fort McMurray-Toronto 1st of July 2 flights per week
Winnipeg Winnipeg-Calgary June 20 6 flights per week
Winnipeg-Montreal 1st of August Everyday
Regina Regina-Calgary 1st of July 5 flights per week
Saskatoon Saskatoon-Calgary July 2nd 5 flights per week
Kamloops Kamloops-Vancouver June 29 4 flights per week
Kamloops-Calgary June 28 4 flights per week
Comox Comox-Vancouver June 30th 3 flights per week
Nanaimo Nanaimo-Toronto 4th July 1 flight per week
Nanaimo-Calgary July 2nd 5 flights per week
Prince rupert Prince Rupert-Vancouver June 25 3 flights per week
Penticton Penticton-Vancouver June 29 4 flights per week
Sandspit Sandspit-Vancouver 23 june 3 flights per week
Victoria Montreal-Victoria June 19 3 flights per week
Toronto-Victoria June 19 4 flights per week
Calgary-Victoria 21st of June 4 flights per week
Castlegar Castlegar-Vancouver June 28 3 flights per week
Kelowna Kelowna-Toronto June 18 4 flights per week
Yellowknife Yellowknife-Calgary June 30th 3 flights per week

Air Canada also provides connectivity for five other regional communities throughinterline agreements with third-party regional carriers: Wabush, Baie-Comeau, Gaspé, Mont-Joli and Val-d’Or. The program “can be modified as needed, depending on the evolution of Covid-19 and government restrictions.”

Given the continued acceleration of vaccination in Canada and the reopening plans of several provincial governments – especially for travel – the summer is looking more and more promising Said Mark Galardo, senior vice president – Network Planning and Revenue Management, the company Star Alliance. ” As customers are ready to travel, Air Canada asserts its leadership in supporting its partners in the tourism and hospitality sector across the country by serving 50 destinations from coast to coast, restarting regional services and new, practical non-stop lines “.

Air Canada’s new refund policy gives customers the option of requesting a refund back to the original payment method if the airline cancels their flight or changes the schedule by more than three hours, for whatever reason. These customers will also have the choice of accepting an Air Canada travel voucher or Aeroplan points, to which points are added a bonus of 65%. The usual fare rules apply to customers who voluntarily change their bookings of unaffected flights.

Air Canada: 50 domestic destinations on the 1 Air Journal program

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