May 18, 2024


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Learning Curve Community Tour: Education Solutions During The Pandemic | The Sound of Ideas

In the third and final Learning Curve Community Tour interactive conversation, we discuss education solutions that have come out of the pandemic. For the past six months, we’ve been working with WKSU public radio and other public media stations across the state on a project we call Learning Curve, looking at the past, present and future of K-12 public education in Ohio. Reporters from WKSU and ideastream, along with freelance reporters, have tackled topics such as how our schools are funded, where opportunity gaps exist, and how the pandemic has affected learning. This series is in conjunction with “The Sound of Ideas Community Tour,” which gives us a chance to hear what the community has to say about important issues, in this case, our children’s education. 

Our last conversation in this series focused primarily on one of the biggest challenges facing educators during the pandemic — learning loss. We spoke with reporters, educators and parents about lost learning and how to make up for it.  

This hour, we move beyond what was lost, and talk about solutions. Has anything good come of the pandemic that can be carried forward? What solutions arose to deal with the unique challenges presented by the pandemic? What did the pandemic reveal about the inequities in our schools? How did districts and education partners help meet those challenges? What do we want to keep doing, and what else do we need to transform to meet the needs of our most vulnerable families? 

During this conversation, ideastream’s Executive Editor Mike McIntyre talks with reporters, educators and community partners about some of the innovative ideas that have helped this past year.