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“Zour Bladek”: the new concept of ONMT to captivate Moroccan tourists

Zour Bladek, an ONMT-2M broadcast. DR

A program that aims to encourage national tourists and Moroccans living abroad to travel to Morocco. An initiative that is part of the overall strategy of the ONMT for the strengthening of internal tourism in the continuity of the communication campaign Ntla9awfbladna

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) is launching in partnership with the national channel 2M, a new television program called Zour Bladek. Broadcast on 2M from Saturday July 10, this program aims to make Moroccans want to discover their country by making them discover a variety of activities.

This television program is available in 2 formats: Zour Bladek Le Mag, a bimonthly 26-minute program, broadcast in prime-time on Saturdays from 7.40 p.m., with rebroadcast on Sundays, and Zour Bladek Week-end, a weekly capsule of 4 minutes broadcast on Saturday and Sunday from 9 p.m.

These shows will be hosted by presenter Najlae Bellouri, a young backpacker adventurer and passionate about travel. In the company of a group of visitors, she will take viewers on an itinerant journey, through the 12 regions of the Kingdom, to make them discover new tourist places, through the practice of an activity (hiking, fishing, surfing, kitchen, etc…). It will also offer them ideas for travel plans for new getaways while providing practical information.

Each episode of Zour Bladek Le Mag will be devoted to a specific destination, and will constitute an immersive experience in 3 stages to discover the different facets: Nature and discovery, Culture and heritage, and Promotion of tourism professions.

During the Zour Bladek Week-End capsules, the host will offer “Good weekend deals” at the best places and at the best prices, with original ideas for activities, and magical places to discover for fun, to marvel, to eat and to rest.

Thus, the idea is to make Moroccans discover destinations sometimes unknown and which go off the beaten track, hidden but accessible treasures, to inspire them and encourage them to take the road, to explore and to discover all the riches that our country.

This ONMT initiative is fully in line with the multi-media communication campaign Ntla9awfbladna, launched last May, and which aims to strengthen the feeling of belonging and pride of each Moroccan and to make him want to ” explore more of the wealth of his country.

Recall that according to the latest study conducted by the ONMT, internal tourism is the leading supplier of tourists in Morocco. In fact, in 2019, domestic tourists generated 7.8 million overnight stays, or 31% of all overnight stays in classified establishments. With an average annual growth of 7.7%, it is also a segment with very high potential, which has almost doubled in the last ten years.

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