May 19, 2024


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“tourists who have planned a stay can continue their trips” in Polynesia

Regarding the new travel and activity limitation measures applicable from Monday 23 August to Monday 6 September 2021:

International tourists present in the Society Islands between Monday 23 August and Monday 6 September 2021, will be allowed:
– to travel from / or to the airport and the ferry terminal (provided with a travel certificate available on the website of the High Commission)

– to circulate within their tourist accommodation. Activities within tourist accommodation are authorized in accordance with barrier gestures. Activities in the lagoon adjacent to the tourist establishment (beach, swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, etc.) are authorized provided they are carried out within a perimeter delimited by the host.

– to travel outside their accommodation for professional and health reasons and for essential purchases (provided with a travel certificate available on the High Commissioner’s website).

  • These same measures apply on the island of Rurutu, on the Gambier and Fakarava Islands, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Manihi, Mataiva, Ahe, Makatea, Apataki, Kaukura, Kauehi, Aratika, Raraka, Niau, Katiu, Taenga, Takume , Raroia, Tepoto Nord, Takapoto, Arutua, Makemo, Napuka, Takaroa and Tureia – only on weekends, from Friday 8 p.m. to Monday 4 a.m. The certificate of travel during the weekend is available on the website of the High Commission. Excluding weekends, these measures do not apply.

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  • All of these measures do not apply to the other Tuamotu and Austral Islands as well as to the Marquesas Islands.

  • International tourists whose stay involves a change of accommodation on the same island or on another island, will be allowed to travel (provided with a travel certificate available on the website of the High Commission).

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