May 20, 2024


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Tourism: the lakes of Annecy and Bourget are preparing the summer season

The record waves of tourists expected this summer bring their share of problems concerning the frequentation of the lakes of the region and their surroundings.

With the lifting of health restrictions and the resumption of travel within the European Union, the lakes of Savoie and Haute-Savoie expect massive tourism this summer. According to studies by the Syndicat du lac d’Annecy (SILA) and the prefecture of Savoie on the frequentation of lakes Annecy and Bourget over the past two years, the health crisis has not slowed down nautical traffic, c it is even quite the opposite.

The average number of boats observed on Lake Bourget rose from 528 in 2019 to 649 in 2020. “We explain this by a sharp increase in domestic tourism. The lake and the mountains have attracted visitors at the regional level, ”explains Sophie Cassaro, responsible for tourism at the Grand Lac urban community. This trend is confirmed in Annecy: “In 2020, we had 20% of foreign tourists for 80% of local tourists. Normally, it’s more like 50-50, ”says its mayor, François Astorg.

1,128 simultaneous boats reached on Sunday 23 August 2020 on Lake Annecy. 800 simultaneous boats reached on Wednesday August 12, 2020 on Lake Bourget …

Surveys of frequentation of Sila and the prefecture of Savoy

2 lakes, 2 atmospheres

Beyond the number of boats on the lakes, “these regional tourists are the initial cause of traffic jams on the shores of the lake”, estimates François Astorg. In preparation for the summer of 2021, the two seaside agglomerations are not approaching the same strategy. The Grand Lac agglomeration community expects a year similar to 2020: “Travel abroad has not yet resumed, we are simply renewing our device from last year,” confirms Sophie Cassaro.

The Greater Annecy agglomeration, for its part, is increasing its efforts to control a record tourist flow. A Mobil’été plan, announced for June, offers ten actions ranging from cycle paths to free shuttles, including boat lines connecting adjacent municipalities. According to the mayor, “the aim is to create a shock in the supply in terms of transport”.

By Armand Pagniez.