June 21, 2024


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Tourism around Lake Annecy: a not-so-disastrous year 2020

VSIn recent years, the tourist influx has been growing on the shores of Lake Annecy, with a peak of 3 million visitors in 2018.

Except that with the health crisis, the figures for 2020 differ. Here are the main ones to remember.

2.9 million overnight stays

From January to October, a decrease of 22% compared to 2019 (3.7 million overnight stays) was recorded. Among the establishments most affected, hotels (-35%), campsites (-32%). Note, however, that the July-August period concentrated 48% of the overall annual attendance.

According to G2A Consulting, a tourism marketing research firm, 50,800 tourist beds are listed across Grand Annecy. This concerns all accommodation (hotels, campsites, villas, rentals from person to person, …).

Less than 20% of foreign customers

Usually, Belgians, Dutch, Swiss or even Germans represent a third of tourists in the territory. This figure is clearly down in 2020 due in particular to the closure of borders and the restriction of travel. And what about British visitors, down 76% over the past year compared to the previous one.

At the reception of the tourist office of Lake Annecy, the trend is confirmed with only 11% of foreign customers.

90% of French customers

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! This figure is that of the reception of the tourist office. ” 26% of these tourists came from Rhône-Alpes, 22% from Île-de-France, 7% from Hauts-de-France, 7% from Paca and 7% from Grand Est, lists Yann Clavillier. We had a very strong domestic market “.

However, the feedback the OT director received was that this clientele was ” more difficult, more demanding “.

+ 25.5% attendance at Menthon beach

Living in a territory like ours is an incredible opportunity when travel in France or abroad is more restricted. It is possible to enjoy the mountains as well as the beaches around the lake. And these have experienced an unprecedented boom.

This is the case in Menthon Saint-Bernard, which experienced a strong increase in attendance (+ 25.5%, 66,413 paid admissions) in July-August.

This trend can be found on the beaches of Talloires-Montmin (+ 10.7% at the Plage Village and + 18% at the Plage d’Angon) and Saint-Jorioz (+ 8.5% with 65,432 paying entries).

Finally, the health crisis did not have only negative effects (read below).