May 20, 2024


Built General Tough

The revival of domestic tourism weighed down by soaring prices

The increase in the prices of tourist establishments represents an obstacle to the revival of tourism in the country.

Less than two weeks before the official inauguration of the summer season, holidaymakers deplored the sharp rise in prices for domestic tourism services, which has slowed or even prevented the revival of tourism at the national level. The health crisis due to the covid-19 pandemic which led to the closure of borders has created many opportunities for the revival and promotion of domestic tourism.

However, the high cost of services may prevent Algerians from taking advantage of this opportunity.

As a result, Algerian holidaymakers will not be able to take advantage of the looming summer season and hotels and other tourist establishments will remain unoccupied.

Algerian tourists have therefore called on the competent authorities to seize this exceptional windfall in order to reduce prices.

High prices penalize hotels and vacationers

Recall that the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Family Work, Mohamed Ali Boughazi had highlighted last month, the importance of improving and promoting quality training in the tourism sector and raising the level of services and achieve professionalism capable of conveying Algeria’s tourist destination par excellence while ensuring that this tourism remains accessible to locals.

The Minister also insisted on “the importance of establishing a partnership with the institutions concerned in order to promote training and improve the quality of services in accordance with the international standards in force in order to achieve the leap in quality, on which the sector relies. to achieve sustainable development ”.