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The resurgence of the pandemic in Europe halted the recovery

For the past two weeks, the arrival of several groups of tourists at the airports of Marrakech, Agadir and Essaouira has led to believe in a return of foreign visitors. According to Lahcen Zelmat, president of hoteliers in Morocco, this dynamic has been undermined by recent European decisions to reconfine and restrict the movement of the population to stem the explosion in sell my house fast jacksonville the number of Covid cases.


After the great hope aroused by several hundred French arrivals in Marrakech, English in Agadir and Belgians in Essaouira, return to square one for tourism operators and in We buy houses Jacksonville particular for hoteliers who were starting to register many reservations of foreign customers. A bubble which unfortunately ended up exploding with the worsening of the health situation in the main European source markets.

If usually, all the professionals explained the sluggishness of foreign arrivals by the health constraints imposed by the Moroccan authorities to access the national territory, the problem is posed differently today with theworsening of the health situation in Europe.

Indeed, while he was still recently very optimistic about a resumption of hotel activity, Lahcen Zelmat, who chairs the National Federation of the Hotel Industry (FNIH) affiliated to the CNT, argues that the ball is now in. the camp of the European authorities who block the departures of tourists from their countries.

“There was indeed a real start to the recovery”

“The hundreds of recent arrivals from our traditional markets have almost caused a real recovery but the containment measures in several European countries have put an end to all attempts to travel by people who intended to book a tourist stay in Morocco.

“Not to mention the restrictive inter-city traffic measures, whether in Morocco or in Europe, which have also discouraged potential tourists from traveling domestically or internationally.

“After several months of almost total cessation of foreign arrivals, our hoteliers really believed in the beginning of a recovery, especially since many customers still want to come to us but the obligation to request a pass to travel from one point to another in France dissuaded them from doing so.

“All this to say that national or foreign demand exists but that the problem of access to Morocco is now generalized both at the level of our borders and those of Europe.

“Thus, on the foreign side, our usual partners (TO…) are ready to send us many customers from all over Europe, but the current difficulty lies in the way of getting them to our hotels.

“In fact, restrictive health measures and the ban on moving from one point to another to reach an airport in another city without authorization, pose new insoluble problems as long as there is no easing in issuing countries.

“To sum up, the worsening of the health situation abroad which has restricted the movement of populations now blocks the departure circuit whereas previously the draconian conditions of access to Morocco (PCR test, travel certificate, etc.) n did not encourage arrivals.

“Ditto for the domestic tourism coming, in large majority, from the economic capital which has difficulty reaching tourist destinations like Marrakech… without authorization from the local authorities.

“In the end, the volume of local and international tourism has been caught up by the new restrictive travel measures implemented by the sending and receiving countries of tourists.

“Faced with this circuit which is now blocked, he there may be a lot of breakage in desperately empty hotel establishments, with several bankruptcies looming on the horizon.

“The risk is all the greater as the current rate of filling of Moroccan hotels must not exceed 1% against 14% from January to the end of October.

“To be honest, we are waiting for a miracle for a effective vaccine is finally discovered to put an end to these travel difficulties which will not allow us to hold out for very long “, concludes the president who remains optimistic in the hope of a real general recovery in June 2021.

Samir El Ouardighi

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