July 22, 2024


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The new mail delivery does not satisfy the inhabitants of Saint-Maurice-les-Brousses

It was not an April Fool’s Day! “ Since April 1, all municipalities in the Nexon postal sector have morning mail delivery except Saint-Maurice-les-Brousses », Regrets the mayor of the town, Georges Dargentolle.

“In our town, the mail is delivered between 1.30 pm and 4 pm, supposedly, but it is rather between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. and by five factors for 1,100 inhabitants and 500 households. It’s crazy madness, you have to have done the ENA to have found such an organization, ”mocks the elected official.

“My constituents are moaning. There is general dissatisfaction. There is talk of a demonstration but with the Covid, it is difficult ”, assures the mayor.

Less mail, more packages

The new distribution takes into account the drop in mail volume, but also the increase in parcel volumes. Many citizens of the municipality order on the Internet and deposit parcels at the post office [qui est ouvert] the morning. In addition, the volume of parcels to be sent and delivered is significant, which requires distribution by several factors, ”one defends the management of La Poste.

An explanation that does not convince Georges Dargentolle so much. “And for the others, those who are not followers of Bon Coin or Vinted?” Receiving mail or newspaper at 4 pm is not normal, ”he insists.

La Poste ensures that it does not derogate from its obligations: “This new organization makes it possible to meet commitments regarding parcel delivery times, in particular by allowing customers to see their parcels dispatched the same day (deposit at the post office, or from their letter boxes) or receive their packages on the date indicated. Mail delivery […] always takes place 6 days a week, only the postman’s transit times are changed “.

The elected representative also regrets not having been contacted by La Poste services, “We could have found a more suitable solution, in particular thanks to the counter factor at the Saint-Maurice-les-Brousses post office and thus rediscover a little common sense by putting in place a negotiated organization, less comical and more adapted to the population ”.

A new organization which according to La Poste “has [pourtant] is subject to prior consultation with agents and staff representatives, as well as with local elected officials. »Not sure that everyone has the same definition of the word concertation …

Stephanie Barrat

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