July 22, 2024


Built General Tough

“Small cottages have booking rates of over 90%”

Today, the Minister of Tourism supports the sector with various measures: “The sector must be helped. I receive a lot of testimonials from people in difficulty. Tourism is a very diverse sector. Travel agencies, tour operators, coach operators, airports, all these sectors have obviously been very badly affected by the crisis for a year with the absence of travel. “

A loss of turnover?

“In 2020, the turnover of the Walloon tourism sector was 1 billion. This is significantly less than the amount that could be expected for this year which is estimated at 2 billion. This results in an absolute shortfall (the difference between the turnover achieved and the expected turnover) which is estimated at more than one billion euros over the whole year. ”

Temporary unemployment is exploding?

“The rate of temporary unemployment in jobs in the Walloon tourism sector is 45.9%. This means that employers in the tourism sector have resorted to temporary unemployment on average for almost half of their employees. Employees temporarily laid off work on average almost three weeks a month. The unemployment rate in FTE is almost five times higher in the tourism sector than in the Walloon economy as a whole, where it reaches 7%. ”

Especially a big difference between some actors?

“The rate of temporary unemployment in posts is much higher for sub-sectors dependent on outbound tourism, where it reaches 82.5%, while it is limited to 40.8% for sub-sectors dependent on domestic tourism. . ”

It is more difficult to sell travel abroad for now obviously …

“Indeed, the rate of temporary unemployment in FTE is 59.4% while in the sub-sectors dependent on domestic tourism this rate is only 30%. These have been able to take advantage of an increase in domestic tourism during the summer months, which has made it possible to achieve a level of activity similar to that of other years in some cases. ”