April 24, 2024


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Revival of local tourism: the National Tourism Office is getting closer to its umbrella organizations

Find mechanisms to boost domestic tourism by avoiding as much as possible deporting cases of Covid-19. This is one of the main objectives of the exchange tour initiated by the national tourist office with its ridge since Tuesday, January 2, 2021.

For the first step of this series of exchanges, Nassénéba Touré, General Director of Côte d’Ivoire Tourism, met with the Network of Tourism Professionals of Côte d’Ivoire (REPTCI). It was for her to listen to them, to identify their difficulties in order to redefine together the mechanisms for reviving the local tourism industry.

Donald Djobo, president of REPTCI, in his speech, expressed his thanks to the General Management for this initiative and all the others from which the members of its umbrella have benefited.

Without really dwelling on the difficulties, for him, it is important to unite around local opportunities: “We need real support for the Popo carnival in Bonoua, the Fotamana festival in Korhogo, the Paquinou in the V Baoulé etc. These festivals will allow us to bring local tourism to life and, by extension, allow the various links in the tourist chain to function. ”.

Before covid-19, tourism represented 16% of global GDP and 300 thousand dollars. Since the advent of this pandemic which hit the various players head-on, the national tourist office has been fighting for the survival of this sector, which is very important for the economy and for well-being.

While recalling the mission of supporting public and private structures in the tourism promotion link (hoteliers, restaurateurs, travel agencies, guides, etc.), the role assigned to her structure, Nassénéba Touré said she was ready to support different actors in the proposals made. But all this, after a deep reflection of programming and taking certain measures.

“We agree to support you in these different initiatives. But together we must manage to interest the Ivorian. Manage to move that of Bassam to discover the cultural riches of Korhogo, that of Katiola to discover that of Man, Odienné etc. It will have to be instilled in their habits as a fad. This is how we will succeed in stimulating the domestic tourist flow for the happiness of all. », Wished the general manager.

This meeting was also an opportunity to congratulate certain actors involved in the promotion of the destination. This is how Alain Tailly, Cyriac Gbogou, Ms. Guiraud and Mr. Bini, promoter of the Bini estates, received prizes.