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Public holidays April 30-May 1: popular domestic tours | Tourism

Hanoi (VNA) – More than a month before the public holidays (April 30-May 1), tens of thousands of travelers have booked sightseeing tours to Sa Pa, Ha Long in the North, Dà Nang, Nha Trang in the Center, Dà Lat on the central highlands or Phu Quôc in the South… This year, the holidays of April 30 and May 1 will last four days.

Public holidays April 30-May 1: domestic tours appreciated hinh anh 1Tourists seeking information at the headquarters of Vietravel in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VnExpress

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is well under control in Vietnam. Many domestic circuits appeal to the Vietnamese.

According to forecasts, the tour operator Vietravel will take care of around 15,000 tourists. Since the beginning of March, this company has received tour registrations from nearly 2,000 customers per day.

Sa Pa, Ha Long, Dà Nang and Dà Lat are the favorite destinations. In recent years, on the occasion of the holidays of April 30 (Day of liberation of the South and reunification of the country) and 1er May (International Labor Day), Vietnamese travelers often choose overseas tours. This year, following the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic circuits are the first choices. In addition, many tourists choose top-of-the-range services such as booking rooms in 5-6 star hotels, air tickets in business class, etc.

Tour operators based in Ho Chi Minh City received a good number of reservations in April and May. For example, TST Tourist received almost 3,000 bookings in April and 1,000 in May. For these holidays alone, it should take care of around 5,000 tourists.

According to Nguyên Minh Mân, communication manager of TST Tourist, currently, customers tend to sign up for tours with services of 4 stars or more.

A recovery that is being done little by little

Same for Dât Viêt Tour. This company received a request from 2,500 people. Most of them are interested in maritime tours with destinations like Nha Trang, Phan Thiêt, Quy Nhon and Ninh Chu (Center).

Public holidays April 30-May 1: domestic tours appreciated hinh anh 2The Golden Bridge in Dà Nang is still a favorite destination in the Center. Photo: VNA

In order to attract more customers, Dât Viêt Tour has launched numerous promotional programs for tourists who book their tours one month before their departure. According to forecasts, this company is expected to provide its services to 10,000 customers on public holidays, with nearly a hundred circuits.

In Hanoi too, tour operators are experiencing a recovery.

According to Hanoitourist statistics, the number of tourists who book tours has increased by 30% -40% compared to last months.

At Flamingo Redtours, several thousand people have registered for tours for the upcoming public holidays. Tours to the North-West region and the coastal areas of the Center are particularly popular. Its network of hotels and tourist complexes could accommodate 10,000 visitors.

Cao Tri Dung, president of the Tourism Association of Da Nang City (Center), reports that the number of travelers in the central provinces has increased slightly. In order to attract more tourists, Huê, Dà Nang and Quang Nam are also offering new products.

Tour operators claim that the price of the tours remains the same, or even has seen a reduction of 10% -20% compared to the previous year. – CVN / VNA