June 21, 2024


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National tourism: the ONMT launches the “Ntla9awfbladna” campaign

It is a multimedia campaign which aims to strengthen the feeling of belonging of each Moroccan and encourage him to explore the riches of his country. Its objective: to make Morocco the preferred destination for Moroccans.

The Moroccan national tourism office is taking action by launching an unprecedented promotion campaign for national tourism: “Ntla9awfbladna”. The objective of this campaign, affirms the Office in a press release, is twofold: to strengthen the feeling of belonging and the pride of each Moroccan and to make him want to explore more all the wealth of his country. Purpose: to make Morocco the preferred destination for Moroccans. And to achieve this, the Office intends to deploy all the necessary marketing and communication strategies.

“Beyond building the brand and its strategic framework, we have carefully studied the expectations of our fellow citizens, to understand their needs and what motivates them. Our ambition with “Ntla9awfbladna” is to address our compatriots by inspiring them to discover all the riches that our country offers and by reminding them that our country has all the assets to meet their needs in terms of tourism “. About Adel El Fakir, Director General of ONMT.

As part of the continuity of ONMT initiatives as part of the deployment of the new global strategy to promote the Morocco destination to all its audiences, the launch of the new campaign to promote internal tourism comes at an important time. for the revival of the tourist activity of the country. A moment all the more crucial as professionals in the sector have expressed the need for a strong campaign to ensure the next summer season, specifies the Office.

“We are convinced of the enormous potential that domestic tourism represents for the sector in Morocco. If today it supplies nearly a third of tourists, we believe that in the long term: 1 in 2 tourists could be a domestic traveler. Today and more than ever, Moroccans want to travel and the sector needs to be stimulated, ”notes Adel El Fakir.

A study conducted by the ONMT revealed that nearly 60% of Moroccans wish to travel in summer, if sanitary conditions permit. Taking into consideration the fact that 95% of Moroccans decide on their travel destination at most 1 month before departure, the coming weeks will be decisive in the choice of destinations, taking into account the health security measures put in place by the authorities.

Also remember, again according to the latest study conducted by the ONMT, that domestic tourism is the leading provider of tourists in Morocco. In fact, in 2019, domestic tourists generated 7.8 million overnight stays, or 31% of all overnight stays in classified establishments. With an average annual growth of 7.7%, it is also a segment with very high potential, which has almost doubled in the last ten years.

The deployment of the global communication campaign Marque Maroc “Ntla9awfbladna” is therefore timely and repositioning the Moroccan tourist offer by encouraging citizens to travel in their country. A variation of this campaign on “destinations” which explores the depth of the offer in each of the Kingdom’s regions will strengthen the communication system in the coming weeks.

The campaign was launched Monday on social networks and Moroccan television channels and will be followed in a second step by a communication device on the online and print press, radio and urban advertising and this, ensuring optimal outreach. over a period of three months.

The launch of “Ntla9awfbladna” is thus the first milestone of the internal tourism component of the ONMT’s global strategy, the objective of which is to stimulate demand. On the supply side, the ONMT is in permanent contact with professionals in the sector through initiatives such as “Tourism Marketing Days Pro” during which professionals have shown their full support for this campaign and its objectives. “Tourism Marketing Days Regions” are also planned in the next few days.

The long-term objective for the teams of the Moroccan national tourist office being to stimulate and quickly initiate a virtuous dynamic making it possible to explore new ways of enhancing the tourist offer dedicated to Moroccan tourists.