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Mohamed Bourad. Tourism consultant: “The season will be beneficial to revive domestic tourism”

Will lifting the restrictions benefit tourism? Without a doubt the lifting of restrictions will boost tourism this summer, demand appears to be strong as Algerians have been denied vacations and travel for almost 2 years. We are in anticipation because many local tour operators seem to be waiting for the opening of the northeastern borders with Tunisia which will loosen the grip and also the lifting of restrictions on air travel to countries which consider Algeria to be a market: Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Southern Europe (Spain, France, Italy).

Otherwise pressure will be exerted on demand in the seaside resort because the supply does not exceed 35,000 beds, faced with explosive demand despite the high cost of services. External flows, in particular Algerians living abroad, will also boost demand, this summer many of our fellow citizens will reconnect with the family beach, parties, meetings and visits. So, in all cases and all scenarios, the season would be beneficial to revive domestic tourism.

-What are the most relevant offers?

Three poles are unanimous in the seaside resort, the West pole made up of the flagship wilayas of Aïn Témouchent, Oran, Mostaganem, the center pole of Tipasa, Algiers, Boumerdès and the third pole Béjaïa, Jijel and Skikda. The main characteristics of the attractiveness of these coastal wilayas are the existence of a varied accommodation offer, captivating remarkable sites, beaches, natural parks and an acceptable range of services, a real collaboration of hoteliers with agencies to create packs and offers tailored to markets and customer segments. The most relevant offers are half-board or full-board packs with durations ranging from 4 days to a week, offers that vary between 30,000 and 50,000 and even more up to 70,000 depending on the classification of establishments. An HPA “Outdoor hotel” accommodation offer, camping also exists, although insufficient and not adapted to the requirements of the clientele, the prices are very affordable for young people and large families.

There is also an offer of the “IRT” residential tourist real estate commonly called “homestay accommodation”, apartments, villas with swimming pool and even garages fitted out for the circumstance where the prices vary between 4,500 DA and 12,000. DA per night, an estimated supply of more than 200,000 beds in the 14 wilayas with a maritime frontage, a sector invested by real estate agencies, subcontractors and business offices, which manage a jackpot estimated at several billion. Another clientele, for lack of financial means and a loss of purchasing power following the social crisis that the country is going through, will have the possibility of scheduling weekends on the coast for “short stays” and “beach days” for to please the children, especially as this concerns all the wilayas of the hinterland of the Atlas and the Hauts-Plateaux. A reduced demand will go to the mountains, Chréa, Tikjda, Theniet El Had, Hammam Melouane, Hammam Righa for hydrotherapy.

-What are the repercussions on the prices?

It is obvious that prices will be revised due to pressure from July-August demand, the supply of beds in the seaside resort is very low and demand with residents abroad and Algerians used to spending vacations in Tunisia, more than 2.5 million each year, seems to push prices up, it is a difficult equation to master and manage.

-What is the status of reservations?

According to the echoes that reach us from certain hotel professionals, reservations are going well for hoteliers, some work with agencies and others prefer to keep their autonomy in summer because demand exerts a strong pressure on the hotel. offer in general. This will allow hoteliers and agencies to return to growth, although minimal and ephemeral, but it will have the merit of existing and giving hope for a revival of the seasons in 2022. It is a question of consolidating this trend to strengthen the he seaside offer in general, to pool agencies and hoteliers in long-term partnerships to organize marketing throughout the season and inject know-how by creating platforms specializing in B2B and BTC. Much effort must also be made in terms of promotion by the National Tourist Office (ONT) and corporate organizations to boost internal tourism and make it an objective in the medium and long term.

Interview by Kamel Benelkadi

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