May 26, 2024


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Ivorian tourism: the regional office of Abengourou, the most efficient in 2020

The regional management of Abengourou (East) has risen as the most efficient of the decentralized representations of the Ivorian Minister of Tourism and Leisure, according to an official note.

This result was unveiled at the end of a Review and Outlook seminar initiated by the Tourism Development Fund on Thursday, January 28, where the decentralized representations of the most successful ministers in 2020 were awarded.

The regional directorate of tourism and recreation of Abengourou (East) is the best performing for the year 2020, followed by that of San-Pedro (South-West) and Daloa (Center-West), with regard to the quantitative criteria and qualitative defined by the Ministerial Cabinet at the start of the year.

A digital platform set up by the Tourism Development Fund and the technical departments (DGU, DAT and DPAP) made it possible to record in real time the statistical data of each regional directorate and of its departmental units.

According to the data, the regional management of Daloa narrowly exceeded that of Yamoussoukro, with a target achievement of 89% against 87%.

This ranking is the initiative of the Tourism Development Fund (Fdt) whose president, Marcel NGuettia, is also the authorizing officer of the integrated financial authority of the Minister of Tourism and Leisure.

Camille Kouassi, the Chief of Staff, representing the Minister of Tourism and Recreation, Siandou Fofana, indicated that the establishment of tourism performance measurement systems at the local level will be operational, to equip regional departments to better understand demand. and the socio-economic impact of tourism activity.

He instructed his employees representing the tourism administration in the interior of the country, on the objectives to be achieved for the year 2021. And this, in view of the mixed results of the 2020 season, however promising, but heavily weighed down by the global Covid pandemic -19.

Faced with the reframing of the national tourism development strategy, Sublime Cte ​​dIvoire, now prioritizing domestic and regional tourism, Mr. Camille Kouassi noted that these directors will be involved in the development of circuits and infrastructures of the territories, in correlation with the private operators (hotels, travel agencies, event promoters).

This strategy aims to boost the attractiveness of their areas of expertise, with efficient collaboration with the departmental directors under their authority.

For Mr. NGuettia, if Ivorian tourism, with a pragmatic and flexible strategy, has been able to contribute, in 2020, to Cte dIvoire being one of the 23 countries in the world not to go into recession, in 2021, it is important to show a firmness against vreux operators.

The Fdt and the Integrated Financial Rgie of the Minister, by rewarding the three best regional directorates of 2020, intends to institutionalize this action of rewards and bonuses for the directorates which will shine in an exemplary way from this tourist season.

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