May 19, 2024


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Internal tourism development: the 7th tourist return to Korhogo russia

The Regional Directorate of Tourism and Recreation of the capital of Poro, has sacrificed its traditional annual ceremony to open its summer season.

It was the Olympe hotel complex in Korhogo which served as the setting for the activities marking the solemn return to activities of the Regional Directorate of Tourism and Leisure on Friday, June 18.

The president of the Tourism Development Fund (FDT), Marcel N’guettia, represented the Minister Siandou Fofana, this 7th edition of the tourism return of the Regional Directorate of Korhogo. This directorate which, in addition to the Poro region, covers the Tchologo and Bagou regions, with the departmental directorates of Ferk and Boundiali. This solemn return, according to the representative of the Minister of Tourism and Leisure, opens the way for the development of specific niches and attractions in the field of domestic tourism. Mr. N’guettia, welcomed the presence of the various regional and departmental directors of public administrations, thus testifying to the transversal nature of the tourism industry, as well as to government solidarity. Anything that helps establish tourism as a source of income improvement for working populations, and one of the levers of economic development in the Ivory Coast, in the light of the Sublime Cte ​​d’Ivoire strategy.

Also, faced with the richness and diversity of the offers that the Korhogo region presents, the President of the Fund indicated to the Regional Director, Desir Kamenan, as well as his collaborators, that it is important to develop circuits even to extend the stay of visitors. In particular, by promoting the cultural and artisanal products of which the North of the Ivory Coast is an undeniable breeding ground. It is right that he welcomed the involvement of traditional chiefs, foremost among them is the canton chief, Issa Coulibaly, who is presenting this tourist return.

Moreover, on behalf of Minister Siandou Fofana, he urged Ivorians to develop ecotourism, create needs through summer camps for the youngest, among other recreational and tourist activities. Involving the operators of the sector in view of making the tourist ecosystem a pillar of development, the president of the FDT invites them to register for the Guide, which is currently being produced for the purposes of good quality promotion. In addition, taking the General Secretary of the Prefecture, mile N’guessan, representing the Prefect of the Poro region, witness, the chairman of the Fund’s management committee, invited the constituents of the state inside the country to popularize the attributions and missions of the FDT for the benefit of all. Mainly operators and agents. Referring to the structure’s sources of funding, he indicates that despite the Covid situation, it is important to comply with legal and regulatory provisions to all bounce back together. And to argue that, more than a threat, the pandemic crisis from which the tourism industry is gradually emerging, represents an opportunity.

In order to strengthen the safety of tourist establishments in the three regions covered by the Korhogo Regional Directorate, the Fund has provided metal detectors to the various operators, as well as hygiene and health safety kits.

The Regional Directorate of Tourism and Leisure of Korhogo, combining the useful with the pleasant, invited the Regional Directorate of IpsCnps to lead a conference on the need for social coverage for workers in the tourism sector with the specificities that it covers.

In addition, officials from the Tourism and Leisure administration, as well as private operators, were taught about digital innovations in the management of establishments. Specially by the presentation of the Gesthorest software developed by an Ivorian startup. Who, in addition to support in the digital transformation, makes the training of actors a point of honor.