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Domestic tourism big beneficiary


The summer season has set its scene, but will this year’s vacation have the same flavor as the years before the Covid-19 pandemic? In any case, travel and tourism agencies have not recovered from this terrible ordeal. The supply of air transport is far from meeting demand and several tourist destinations remain inaccessible.

So to save the season, they set their sights on the destination Algeria. Offers offered mainly in agencies but especially on social networks and particularly Facebook. Tourist poles are offered such as Oran-Mostaganem-Ain Témouchent or Skikda-Annaba-El Taref and Béjaïa-Jijel. One specific feature is to be noted this year: the vacation budget is not what it used to be. Impacted by economic uncertainties, Algerians intend to go to other skies for less time, less to distant destinations and spent less. The public hotel, tourism and spa group (HTT) offers advantageous packages to attract customers.

The improvement in the health situation and the reduction in containment measures augur for a more sustained summer season than that of the previous year. It remains to be seen, however, “whether the group’s bathing units will be able to exploit their potential optimally, between the operating permits for the beaches adjacent to their structures and the swimming pools they have”.

In this context and on this specific point, private hotels are also housed in the same boat, especially as they have one thing in common with public establishments: to stay in the race and keep their market shares in this sector. Will the swimming pools be open? And will the beaches adjacent to the hotels be developed by these hotels or will they be left to anarchy? “Animation and entertainment programs are decisive factors in the success of a summer season. This diversification must affect the different categories of customers and the different age groups. “

The current economic situation necessarily directs us towards a consequent expansion of internal demand. “And even if the borders would be reopened by then, an apprehension for travel abroad is foreseeable because of fears of new waves of contamination”, specifies an executive of the HTT. Also, the offer of seaside stays has been identified, organized and structured in such a way as to benefit as many nationals as possible.

As well as special formulas have been considered. ONAT, Touring voyage Algeria (TVA), the National Federation of Tourism Associations (FNAT) and the National Union of Travel Agencies (SNAV) and unaffiliated travel agencies with high potential are privileged partners for marketing , depending on the group. At the EGT Tipasa level, reservations were launched at carefully considered rates, explains Boudouma Mohamed, CEO of EGTT.

The Tipasa-Village tourist complex (ex-CET) has benefited from a complete modernization and digitization operation according to international standards. The aim is to satisfy families with reasonable prices. “It is ready to welcome summer visitors in good conditions with a capacity of 1030 summer visitors in one day.”

While respecting the sanitary protocol “, according to Amir Adem Rouchiche, director of the Tipasa – Village complex, who specifies that” the rehabilitation operation affected all the structures of the complex; accommodation, catering, green spaces, leisure areas ”. He is preparing to receive clients in search of rest and a change of scenery in the magical blue scenery of the Mediterranean. Fernand Pouillon’s imprint is everywhere: the place is the archetype of the Mediterranean holiday village with whitewashed walls, blue shutters and shaded loggias and… the foot in the water. “Its architecture is thought out, tourist, immersed in a play that lasts two weeks, walks by changing scene, painting, stage.”

The great summer escape

The Golden Horn complex is also considered to be one of the most important and beautiful tourist complexes in Algeria. In addition to the rehabilitation of certain bungalows, the beaches and green spaces have been fitted out. It has a capacity of 220 beds (residents) and there are plans for daily access to the beach or to the restaurant with parking that can accommodate 200 cars.

EGT Zéralda, a tourist complex made up of 3 units (Les Sables d’Or, Le Mazafran and the Tourist Center), has a capacity of 1,800 beds. Arezki Touati, general manager of the tourist management company of Zéralda, who challenges herself to make a success of the summer season, by allowing Algerians to take advantage of this period to recharge their batteries and meet up with their family in a pleasant setting. The reopening of the Les Sables d’Or hotel is imminent.

The price policy has been well studied, at the start there will be appeal products, which will allow as many people as possible to benefit from the services and to know the hotel, the promotional rates for the summer period are preferential with a single room in half-board at 11,000 DA, the double room is at 15,500 DA in half-board, the junior suite 2 pax is at 17,000 DA in half-board and the senior suite 4 pax is at 28,000 DA in half pension. ONAT has invested in the niche of residences in several regions: Souk El Tnine Béjaïa, apartment for 6 people at 55,800 DA (8 days / 7 nights) and the Voilier Oran residence for two people at 25,200 DA.

This season will be more marked by seaside tourism and for families, the long weekend formula is very trendy because of the cost. For young people, wild camping marks its comeback, especially in the paradisiacal beaches of Skikda, Jijel, Mostaganem and Tlemcen. Excursions are also available for seniors and couples with children. The long weekend formula is due to the drop in purchasing power, people who went for a month’s vacation reduced their stay to a maximum of 4 days.

Most travel and tourism agencies offer short package stays in the most famous hotel establishments, such as Hammadite or Le Thais (Béjaïa), Seraïdi or Sabri in Annaba, Doriane in Témouchent or Dar El Ikram in Beni Haoua. What risks delaying the momentum of the summer season is the mobilization of HTT establishments for containment, when they used to absorb a good number of tourists and several agencies were forced to cancel their offers for the Andalusians or Zéralda, in addition to the Tipaza village complex, ex-CET which was eagerly awaited by summer visitors.

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