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what were the most popular “searches” in 2020?

The year 2020 was marked by a great deal of research around the Covid-19 epidemic …

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(Boursier.com) – Each end of the year, the Google search engine publishes its ranking major research trends of French internet users. Data from the search engine confirms that the Covid-19 epidemic has marked the year 2020 with a hot iron, including on the “web”, since the keyword which generated the most traffic on the internet is “coronavirus“, followed by the words”Covid certificate“.

In the “top 5 “ trends of the year, we also find the keywords “american election“,”coronavirus tips“and”PS5“, the new Sony console marketed at the end of November in France and which quickly found itself out of stock last month.

“The listings are based on the search terms that were the subject of the peak traffic the highest this year compared to the previous year “, also specifies Google …

The American election has largely monopolized the attention

In the “News / News” category, “the American election” monopolized attention in the second half of the year. If the former candidate for mayor of Paris Benjamin Griveaux, victim of the dissemination of an intimate video, marked the beginning of the year and placed it in second position, the name of the elected president of the United States Joe biden, is in third place in this ‘top 5’.

Benjamin Griveaux and Joe Biden also appear in the ranking of “political figures“the most searched on the search engine. They are followed by the Prime Minister Jean Castex, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Questions about the coronavirus

But Google data shows that the Covid-19 epidemic has remained at the heart of concerns. The most asked questions to the search engine are those about the virus and health measures.

The first three most asked questions in 2020 are therefore: “How to make a mask?”, “How do you know if you have the coronavirus?” and “How to put on a mask?”.

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