June 18, 2024


Built General Tough

What is your least favorite food?

During home games, the Texas A&M football team always shows fun videos about the team on the big screen. One of those is the ‘Ask the Aggies’ segment.

With Kyle Field at only 25-percent capacity this season, that means that most of the fans that would normally be there in person are watching at home. Because of that, the team is sharing those segments online.

This past weekend’s question for the team was, ‘What is your least favorite food?’

Cornerback Myles Jones admits to being very picky while defensive end DeMarvin Leal is the exact opposite. A couple offensive linemen aren’t exactly fans of a certain vegetable and both go through a lot of work to avoid them.

It turns out, that vegetable is actually very, very unpopular. Safety Demani Richardson and wide receiver Dylan Wright also include it as their least favorite food. Broccoli is another unpopular one.

True freshman safety Antonio Johnson does not hail from Texas and the answer from the Illinois native gives away that fact. Meanwhile, wide receiver Hezekiah Jones has given up some popular proteins. Defensive end Micheal Clemons just needs to have his least favorite food cooked the right way, maybe with some bacon.

Defensive tackle Derick Hunter is a fan of a certain unusual food and fellow tackle Bobby Brown gives the Floridian grief over it.