July 15, 2024


Built General Tough

VALORANT, Satisfactory, GTA V … what are the most popular games on Twitch this week?

(ETX Studio) – Here are the latest numbers to understand what’s been going on over the past seven days on the Twitch streaming platform and what games gamers are excited about this week.

Top 5 most watched games on Twitch

Just Chatting is once again in the most watched streams of the week. And VALORANT enters the ranking for the week, in fifth place.

1 – Just chatting remains at the top of the ranking. With 64.75 million hours streamed over the week as a whole, the game still recorded an increase in the time spent by streamers on the platform. Light, but still: nearly 1.66 million more hours were viewed this week (+ 2.6%).

2 – Grand Theft Auto V takes second place in the ranking with 8.57 million more hours watched. This brings the game to 43.8 million hours in total over the week.

3- League of Legends takes third place in the ranking, but loses 4.46 million hours compared to last week (-12.5%) and is approaching the mark of 30 million hours watched over the last seven days.

4 – Fortnite stabilizes in fourth place. However, the game recorded a drop in viewings: minus 8.25 million hours watched (-25.1%). Fortnite is watched nearly 24.61 million hours in a week.

5 – VALUING moved to fifth place in the rankings despite a 5% drop in its streams. Over 20 million hours are viewed worldwide in a week.

Top 5 trending games on Twitch

This week, gigantic increases in viewings are not uncommon. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Satisfactory are good examples.

1 – Grand Theft Auto V is at the top of the trend as its 8.29 million more hours watched make it the game with the most hours watched this week.

2 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege records 4.16 million more hours viewed. This is a big increase, since it stands at 130.4%.

3- Just chatting shows 2.70 million more hours watched (2.6%). The most watched game of the week still manages to bring together new streamers.

4 – Satisfactory recorded 2.10 million hours watched more than the previous week, a 557.8% increase.

5 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, fifth in the ranking, has seen a small increase in its streams (12.9%). Gamers are playing 1.86 million more hours this week.