July 13, 2024


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The Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

Solitaire diamond rings provide a timeless, classic look to any Diamond Shape. From a fantastic Oval Diamond in pink gold to a gorgeous Round Cut in white gold, plenty of choices are available within this classic diamond family. These shapes are lovely and offer their unique features while maintaining the same rich beauty that makes all of the above diamonds attractive. With so many different styles and cuts available, it can be hard to make your mind up on which diamond ring shape is right for you.

Diamond Ring Setting

The first decision needs to be about which type of setting you would like. You have many classic choices, including a cathedral setting, antique, bezel setting, and pave setting. The cathedral setting provides a very classy, romantic look. It is often used for engagement rings because of its ability to showcase the Diamond Shape’s brilliance. The bezel setting also creates a dramatic effect. It is popular with many women because of its ability to hide the luster of the Diamond Shape.

Another option would be the cushion cut. Cushion cut diamonds are less brilliant than most other shapes, but they still hold their own against other gemstones. Cushion cut engagement rings are usually more expensive, with more of the diamond focused at a single point, and are used to highlight the pink-orange color of the Diamond Shape.

Then there is the bezel diamond. This diamond style is named for its shape as it resembles the basket of flowers that represent the sun. Bezel diamond rings create a sparkle that is slightly more subtle than other diamond styles. They can be set in any precious metal but are most commonly used in white gold or platinum. Bezel settings allow the diamond’s brilliance to shine through without competing with the beauty of the setting.

Diamond Cuts

Other diamond cuts include cushion, oval, heart, marquise, and round. So which diamond cut looks biggest? They all vary in size, shape, and amount of sparkle. Although these other diamond shapes have unique features and beauty, solitaire diamonds remain the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings. No other type of diamond adds so much grace and brilliance to any piece of jewelry. Hence, it is no wonder that solitaires are some of the most requested by couples around the world.

If you prefer a diamond with less color but would still like to showcase its beauty and sparkle, then a halo setting may be right for you. A halo diamond usually comes in a smaller diamond carat weight, making it easier for the jeweler to create. Because of the smaller carat weight, the diamonds in halo settings are typically not as brilliant as those in other diamond cuts. While they do not have the same sparkle as larger diamonds, they can be just as beautiful and often complement larger center stones.