February 23, 2024


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The indiscretions of the week in Limousin and New Aquitaine

Limoges-Ajaccio by air

“Ajaccio has just come closer”: the formula chosen by the company Volotea for the launch of its summer link between Limoges and the prefecture of Corse-du-Sud has something to smile about. But, on Twitter, an Internet user indicated that she preferred the boat. “Everyone has their own thing, but the Limoges-Ajaccio crossing is unavailable for the moment,” replied the Ajaccio Tourist Office in a message with a smiley face. “There’s something to dig! », Continued the user, triggering the hilarity of the community manager of the Ajaccian tourist office. Remember, however, that nearly 750 kilometers separate the two cities. And this, despite the announced “merger”.


The Superleague, “super” European football competition that twelve of the biggest clubs in Europe wanted to set up at the start of the week before many retracted in the face of the outcry, was ultimately only flash in the pan. However, several Internet users, teasing, it must be said, already saw in this competition a way for Limoges to reach the highest level, in the event that the best clubs would have left to compete in the famous Superleague and therefore be banned from their championship. as UEFA threatened to do. One of the internet users had thus imagined a next match between Olympique de Marseille, currently in Ligue 1, and Limoges therefore. It missed. At least, it’s not for now.

Superleague bis

As we have said, the European Supeleague project only lasted a few hours. To better leave room for a “Corrézienne” Superleague? That the inhabitants of the south of Haute-Vienne could follow with passion and fervor? On Tuesday, the football club Auvézère Mayne FC announced, in a press release obviously written with derision on its Facebook account, that the five founding municipalities of the AMFC, namely Montgibaud (on the border between Haute-Vienne and Corrèze), Lubersac , Concèze, Saint-Sornin-Lavolps and Beyssac, had come together “to form the Auvézère-Mayne Super League”. “We are going to help football, at all levels, to regain its rightful place in our territory. Football is the only sport on the planet with more than four billion fans, 87% of whom are dedicated to the cause of the AMFC. Our responsibility, as a great club, is to respond to the wishes of the supporters. […] With this new financial windfall, stands will be created on all the sports sites of this Super League. Clearly, we will do what we want, and then that’s it, ”writes the football club before specifying the terms of the competition: after a first game played between 10 teams, the elimination phase will resume in March. … “Even April if it is too cold”.


During the signing of the State-Region Plan Contract, Thursday in Bordeaux, Alain Rousset, the President of the Region, called in several regional personalities (by videoconference) so that they express what would bring for their territory or their specialty this commitment between the State and the community. Thus, the president of the Region gave the floor to Pierre Allard, the mayor of Saint-Junien and president of the community of communes Porte Océane du Limousin, who thus spoke about the leather sector and the development of the City of leather which will benefit substantial assistance. Then, it was the president of the University of Limoges, Isabelle Klock-Fontanille, who returned to the veterinary school project at the initiative of the Region and more generally to the Omegahealth program, a local variation of the concept of Onehealth, translate “One health” which combines human, animal and plant health and for which the University of Limoges is at the forefront. Two presentations which reinforced Jacqueline Gourault, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities who advocated concrete in the policies carried out.


Difficult to follow the candidate Les Républicains for the regional ones. Since Friday, Nicolas Florian, head of the regional list therefore, crisscrosses Limousin. Friday in Limoges then in Creuse, Saturday in Haute-Vienne then tomorrow Monday in Corrèze, he panics his campaign team who are struggling to keep up with their meetings, especially with the press. It must be said that in addition to the centralized organization in Bordeaux of its campaign, each head of the departmental list organizes its program in parallel. Go two more months to hold …


This is called pluralism in politics. And among the elected EELV, this notion is pushed to its climax regularly. Thus, during the signing of the State-Region planning contract, Léonore Moncond’huy, the mayor of Poitiers and former EELV regional councilor, explained like Pierre Allard and Isabelle Klock-Fontanille, all the good she thought of this contract and especially of the variation that it was going to give in Grand Poitiers, in this case through the energy transition and the increase in the heating network. A delicious intervention when we know that the elected EELV refused to participate in the debate around the CPER on the agenda of the last plenary session of the Regional Council a few days ago. They had even practiced the policy of the empty chair… Pure happiness for Alain Rousset in particular!


“It won’t do it!” These are in substance the fears expressed by the prefect of the region, Fabienne Buccio, Thursday around 4:20 pm, when the signing ceremony of the CPER ended. Indeed, the planned schedule was “significantly” exceeded causing agitation beyond the prefect, the security services of Jacqueline Gourault, Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with local authorities. It must be said that she had a TGV to take in order to return to Paris at the end of the afternoon. In view of the delay, the few minutes which had to be devoted to questions from the press were canceled. Finally the minister managed to catch her train on time. It did!

TGV continued

Bordeaux political observers are however surprised that Jacqueline Gourault, member of Modem, did not participate in the presentation by Geneviève Darrieussecq, also Minister of Modem, and head of the regional list in New Aquitaine, of the departmental leader of the Gironde for this ballot. While the presentation was scheduled for 6 p.m. but other trains run to Paris after this time. Even if it meant making the Paris-Bordeaux return trip during the day, this support could have made the trip a little more profitable …

Veterinary school

During her intervention during the signing of the CPER, Isabelle Klock-Fontanille, the president of the University of Limoges, repeatedly mentioned the creation of the veterinary school. She thus indicated that the first year students of French veterinary schools would be present in Limoges in September 2021 for a week of integration. Does this bode well for the validation by the Ministry of Agriculture of the creation of the said school which, initially, would host the fifth year of the course?

RN 147

The prefect of Haute-Vienne Seymour Morsy organized a meeting on Wednesday with parliamentarians, regional and local elected officials and consular representatives around the development of the RN 147. The objective of the meeting was to collect observations partners in order to enrich the referral file to the National Commission for Public Debate. The icing on the cake, however, the prefecture specifies that “it was agreed between the participants that it was important to show their support for the 2×2 full-lane project, whatever its status and that it was now necessary to refine the schedule and the amounts of the work ”. Can we say that it is progressing?

From Haute-Vienne to Corrèze, but still a candidate

She was a librarian in Limoges for twenty years. It is also in Haute-Vienne that she presented herself as head of the Limousin land of left to regional list in 2015. But it is today in Corrèze that the regional advisor from 2010 to 2015 (and advisor to the Ceser, Regional Economic, Social and Environmental Council, of Nouvelle-Aquitaine for the CGT) is seeking a new mandate from the Region. Currently a municipal councilor in Lonzac, Pascale Rome is the head of the departmental list for Corrèze for “We are there! ”, The joint list of La France Insoumise (LFI) and the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).

Limoges blue in gold

Produced since summer 2020 in Laurent Mandon’s distillery in Pierre-Buffière in Haute-Vienne, Bleu de Limoges gin has just won a gold medal at the Frankfurt international trophy in Germany, and a medal silver in the international competition of Lyon. The other two gins produced by the French Booze Project (Hostile and Dank) also won gold medals.

At table

In a long survey on Club TP90, our colleagues from around the world, relates the high-end meals and cocktails offered by the “company restaurant”, or more exactly the “management club” of the National Federation of Public Works (FNTP ), whose premises are located on avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris. A strangeness when the restaurants are closed but where crowds yet, specifies the daily afternoon, politicians, including the majority, and business leaders. If the FNTP explains that all sanitary measures are respected within the lounges which stretch over 1,000m², very few of the guests wished to answer questions from the World. However, many of them believe that this is the best restaurant in Paris. It is true that it is run by the Michelin-starred chef from Toulouse, Michel Sarran, or more precisely by delegation, his lieutenants. Among the long list of guests who flocked there and that Le Monde delivers, we find François Poupard, director general of the services of the regional council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, who came to take, specifies our colleagues, “an aperitif lunch on the go, a glass of champagne and a few petits fours, nothing formal ”. It was March 24, a few days before the third confinement.


In parallel with the communication campaign that the government will launch in favor of departmental and regional elections, the Association of Regions of France is also launching a digital campaign to raise awareness of the actions of the Regions. It will run until May 20, one month before the first ballot.


In 2020, 50,395 tonnes of household electrical equipment were collected, including 423 tonnes of light bulbs, Ecosystem, a non-profit organization, has just announced. This volume corresponds to a total number of 11.6 million devices taken care of, with a view to their reuse or, failing that, their recycling. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is in 5th place in the ranking of regions, with a performance of 12.2 kg per inhabitant. Not bad but could do better …