July 15, 2024


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plug-in hybrid sedan prices

Until now only offered in its Estate wagon version, the Renault Megane plug-in hybrid is now available in its sedan body. Available in four levels of finishes, it starts from € 37,300 excluding ecological bonus.

Launched on the market in 2020, the Renault Megane plug-in hybrid began its career in its Estate wagon version. To better compete with the Seat Leon eHybrid and the future Peugeot 308 PHEV, the diamond model is now available as a sedan.

Showing 1,000 euros less than the Estate version, the new Megane plug-in hybrid begins from 37 300 € in its Business finish, reserved for pros. For individuals, the range starts from the Limited finish, invoiced at € 37,600. Then came the Intens and RS Line versions, respectively available from € 39,000 and € 41,000.

On the mechanical part, this new version takes the same configuration as the station wagon. We thus find a 160 horsepower e-tech system composed of a 1.6 l petrol engine associated with two electric motors. Accumulating 9.8 kWh, the battery allows about fifty kilometers in electric mode.

Estate Sedan
Business € 38,300 € 37,300
Limited n / A € 37,600
Intense € 40,000 € 39,000
RS Line € 42,000 € 41,000