April 16, 2024


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Most Popular Ads of 2020 on YouTube

Youtube shared a list of the most viewed ads by Canadians on its platform during 2020.

Canadians have been particularly drawn to content that addresses the challenges and opportunities of their new normal. 2020 has been a tough year and brands have used ads to get important messages across.

No Frills sang about social distancing in “A Cart Apart”, SkipTheDishes and Jon hamm encouraged Canadians to support local restaurants, and Rick mercer begged us to discover the beauty of our country. Brands also continued to have success with popular songs. Kia Canada presented Bad guy the singer Billie Eilish in an advertisement for its new Kia Seltos, an offensive that was the most popular in the country with more than a billion views on YouTube.

The group Blue Jeans Blue is among the top 10 advertisements with the ride Don’t forget your bags. This very catchy song became an instant classic and landed at # 6 on Canada’s Most Popular Commercials chart on Youtube this year. The concept, imagined by the agency Sid lee, has become so popular thatIGA collaborated again with Blue Jeans Blue for the song Don’t forget your mask, which also has over a million views.

Here is the list of the most popular ads on Youtube in Canada :

1. Kia Canada – All-New Kia Seltos | Subcompact SUV built for the real you
2. CANADA Explore | Explore – Rick Mercer’s rant on travel in Canada | Explore Canada
3. Apple Canada – Shot on iPhone 11 Pro – Hockey Tape – Apple
4. No Frills – A Cart Apart – A No Frills Track
5. Chromebook – Switch to Chromebook – Watch Netflix Offline
6. IGA – IGA x Bleu Jeans Bleu – Forget your bags (official music video)
7. Air Canada – Air Canada: Ready for Takeoff
8. IKEA Canada – IKEA Canada | Make the Most of Home | Episode 1 with Marcy Mussari
9. Historica Canada – Heritage Minute: Liberation of the Netherlands
10. SkipTheDishes – Jon Hamm Thanks Canadians