April 22, 2024


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How Social Media Management Improve Your Business

Sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Foursquare, Plaxo, MySpace, and hundreds of others have linked the world together and created communities for people to relax, interact, share, and gain insight. Facebook alone is pushing 500 MILLION active users at the time of this article. If Facebook were a country, its population would be the 3rd highest in the WORLD, outnumbering the United States.

Social Media Covers More Ground Than You Think

Many people label Social Media as the sites I listed above. However, social sites go further than just your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Social Networking sites also consists of:

  • Blogs
  • Videos and Podcasting
  • Customer Reviews
  • Social Bookmarking Sites (Reddit, Digg, Delicious)
  • Message Boards, Forums, Wikis

If a website provides the ability to socialize, it can be considered Social Media. 

What is Social Media Management?

When the popularity of one medium grows and thrives, another one wanes and suffers. This is the case with many of the print mediums that are used to reach consumers effectively. The big yellow books, mailers, newspaper fliers, even TV and radio commercials have lost the ability to speak to their audience because Social Media, search engines, and blogs enable the consumer to gather information on their watch. This is a considerable removal from yesterday’s interruption-based ad campaigns. Companies shouted their message at a mass audience, hoping to turn a small percentage of that audience into paying customers.

But the evolution of social networking sites has led to an evolution in the way businesses market to customers. Instead of investing large sums of money into advertisements, companies are redirecting those funds towards Social Media campaigns and building relationships with their customers this can be done successfully by hiring social media management in New Orleans.

At first, many people viewed sites like Twitter and Facebook as a waste of time (If you would’ve proposed a Facebook or Twitter-based marketing campaign three years ago, your colleagues would’ve had you committed). Now, it’s become mainstream. Companies realize this trend isn’t going to die off, and they’re utilizing it to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers.

One obstacle that comes with efficient social networking use is learning a new skill set to get the most from your efforts. For many managers and owners, their plate is already full. So adding this task to the game plan doesn’t fit. Or, they may understand Social Media’s importance, but they may not know where to start.

This is where bringing in a Social Media Manager can be a tremendous asset. Instead of worrying about learning how to do everything right, you can allow your Manager to handle all the heavy lifting, thus freeing you up to focus on your trade and provide exceptional customer service. The social media manager will also interact with your potential customer base and build that rapport that leads to future sales through the networks your Social Media Manager develops and nurtures.