April 12, 2024


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Haribo: the 5 most popular sweets

It is one of the brands that cross the generations without taking a wrinkle. Haribo and its famous sweets have just celebrated their 100th birthday.

This gourmet saga began in 1920 in Germany, near Bonn under the leadership of Hans Riegel. His famous gelatin teddy bears quickly took over the world with the slogan “Haribo makes children happy” or “Haribo, life is beautiful” in its French version. Here are his 5 most successful candies in a century.

The little teddy bears

Known in France as the “teddy bear”, this little gelatin candy is actually called Goldbear. It is the first creation of the German confectioner. He also inspired a host of sweets that followed like crocs, not to mention the competition.


© Haribo

Tagada strawberries

Strawberry Tagada should be elevated to the pantheon of the best confectionery. With its look of a small strawberry and its soft heart, it has hooked many gourmets. Building on its success, Haribo is now offering it in a Pink version. But the original remains unbeatable.


© Haribo

The crocs

They differ from small bears with their all-white bellies. Crocs are one of the great classics of the German brand. Two new colors came to enrich the zoo a few years ago: the orange crocodile and the blue crocodile. And recently, the crocodile babys are also part of the gang: a version less sweet and without sweetener.


© Haribo


Tenderness that is eaten. This is a bit like marshmallow. With its soft colors, from pastel pink to white, this little marshmallow is as popular as ever. It is generally eaten without moderation. Some even melt it in the heat of a campfire.


© Haribo

The Dragibus

Since 1973, the Dragibus have animated an obsessive debate: are black candies the best? It’s up to everyone to form their own opinion. With its tangy shell and chewy heart, it’s especially its texture that we love.


© Haribo

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