June 20, 2024


Built General Tough

Behind the attack on Monsieur Patate

The news caused much more reaction than big political announcements: Monsieur Patate was going to lose his title! In the name of inclusive society, of course. And the fight against gender stereotypes, that goes without saying. Haro on the phallocentric heteropatriarchate! The wording of the press release as reported by AFP left no room for ambiguity. The company clearly saying it wants “make sure everyone feels welcome in the world of potato heads by officially abandoning the “Monsieur Tête de Patate” brand and logo“. Yes, come off, the gendered toy that contributes to the reproduction of gender stereotypes! Monsieur Patate must fall!

The common people, in front of this, were exasperated, to the point where the company felt the need to back pedal by adding a precision in a second press release a bit less jargon: it is rather the collection that will change its name, Monsieur Patate. No longer serving as a symbol and a reference, so that a non-gendered Potato family emerges. But each potato in the family will keep its sex. It is the brand of toy that will be degenerated. False alarm, then shouted those who love nothing so much as to imagine in every movement of popular mood a reactionary panic. But the symbolic erasure was anything but fake news. It was simply conducted in a more subtle way than usual. Let’s call it diversitary stapleism.

Some people want to see all of this as a ridiculous quarrel. However, it is only zany in appearance and testifies to the dissemination in all areas of society of gender theory, intending to abolish the reference to the masculine, which would be artificial social constructions, authoritatively enclosing individuals in a sex, while they should be able to define themselves freely within the parameters of the fluidity of gender identity by symbolically self-determination. The masculine and the feminine would not be irreducible and constitutive data of the human condition, the social and symbolic translation of which evolves over time, but artificial categories that should henceforth be abolished whenever possible. Let’s say it again: a new standard is needed: gender fluidity. She would be the founder.

For example, for the supporters of this ideology, one does not recognize the sex of a child at birth but rather is assigned to him in an arbitrary and authoritarian way, whereas he would apparently have to decide his own gender identity later. in life. Eventually, human beings should be able to free themselves from all arbitrary social frameworks, and even biology, apparently, would be one of them. New educational theories are being put in place: under the pretext of fighting sexism, what goes without saying is the reference to the masculine and the feminine that should be eradicated, which will not go without making the accused parents feel guilty. to reproduce their codes. Common people are then subjected to incessant propaganda to convert to this theory: whoever does not agree with it will be accused of falling into obscurantism.

To those who say that Monsieur Patate’s quarrel is irrelevant, we could respond by reversing the perspective: when gender theory and its various manifestations even come to seize the most consensual figures of popular culture, it is is that it is absolutely hegemonic. Gender theory goes so far as to shape our most intimate daily life. It suffices, moreover, to look at the news as a whole to be convinced of this, and that from issues that will seem more serious. In Great Britain, quite recently, in some university hospitals, the staff were asked not to speak any more of breast milk but of human milk or breast milk to fight against the “traditional transphobia” of Western civilization.. You had to think about it.

Let us not forget that in Quebec itself, quite recently, a decision of the Superior Court held that the reference to father and mother in the Civil Code was discriminatory thus for non-binary people, who do not recognize themselves in the man-woman duality. We could multiply similar examples, while keeping in mind that whoever opposes gender theory too strongly will end up paying dearly socially, as we have seen with JK Rowling in the United Kingdom, l last year, which was the target of a large-scale smear campaign for recalling that women have periods and men do not. We have just renamed a school that bore his name for being guilty of such remarks., which the diversitarian regime tends to classify in the category of hate speech.

Our liberal societies are quite open to the idea of ​​opening up to those who live out their sexual identity in a minority way, that is not the question. But the diversitarian regime instrumentalizes the claims of the most radical supporters of gender theory to deny the very existence of sexual difference, however constitutive on the anthropological level. A strange society which claims to believe in science but which considers that remembering that a man is not a woman is fake news. The degeneration of Monsieur Patate is not an isolated event but a further sign of the increasingly strong influence of this deconstructive ideology which strikes all Western societies and seeks at all costs to re-educate them.