April 24, 2024


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After pandemic almost tanked business, marketing photographer is now thriving

AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a time when many people have turned to order things online to stay safe, visual marketing has become more important than ever.

It’s nothing new, but companies are relying on it during the pandemic to connect with people who don’t want to go into a store.

Photographer Isaac Rodriguez, the owner of Treadfast Media, used to focus on weddings and portraits, but now he’s helping companies get their products online.

“Things slowed down when the pandemic hit,” Rodriguez said.

After two weeks without a photoshoot, Rodriguez changed gears and started looking at other ways he could continue his business.

“I started to do my research and actually had a company reach out to me asking to do a shoot,” Rodriguez said. “Your content has to now be seen online. And so with the digital imagery I am able to create for these people a way they can create a connection with their customer or target audience.”

Phillip Toney, the owner of the Lighthouse Cuisine and Kitchen, is now relying on those visuals to connect with his customers.

“With food you start with the eyes and If it looks good that is a good start,” Toney said.

He was previously in corporate catering, but now finds himself preparing to-go meals for customers.

“If it is not good it is going to change the way they think or if they even order or not,” Toney said.

Rodriguez said before the pandemic he was booking about 15 shoots a month. Since opening up to photographing products and food for businesses, work has picked up significantly. He said in January he had more than 40 shoots.

“No matter what area you are in now, your content has to be seen online,” Rodriguez said.