April 18, 2024


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Abir Moussi, one of the most popular deputies, struck in the Assembly

The scene may seem implausible. In the middle of the session of the National Assembly, Wednesday, June 30, Abir Moussi was attacked by an elected official. This is indicative of the deleterious climate that reigns within the political class, while the popularity of Abir Moussi, who embodies the values ​​of the old regime and anti-Islamism, continues to grow.

The Tunisian parliament was the scene, Wednesday, June 30, of a physical assault of which Sahbi Smara, elected “independent” close to the Islamists, was guilty against Abir Moussi, deputy and head of the main opposition party in the country, report Digital Tunisia.

This happened in the middle of the session, when Abir Moussi and his parliamentary group were doing a sit-in to protest against a bill. Suddenly, an elected official, Sahbi Smara, seated several meters away, gets up and walks calmly towards Abir Moussi. He hits her twice in the face, as shown in images released by the news site. In the process, he kicks a deputy who has come to intervene to protect Abir Moussi. The scene took place in the presence of the Minister for Women, Families and Seniors.

Repeated brawls

On the images, we can see Abir Moussi wearing a strange outfit. It is in fact a riding helmet and a handcrafted bulletproof vest. Since May, the deputy


Malik Ben Salem